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Sankt Peter-Ording

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Sankt Peter-Ording, once a viking settlement, now a seaside spa and resort town, is located just south of Denmark, in the district of Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein. Boasting a micro climate of salt meadows, sand dunes, forestry, beach and as many out and indoor activities to match, Sankt Peter-Ording is one of the top ten resort destinations within Germany.

Why Go?

Sankt Peter Ording attracts the attention of both the surfers and the spa goers.
With enough space to accommodate them both. A seemingly unending beach (12km), fresh sea air and magnetic beauty. Sankt Peter-Ording is a place that many Germans and non-Germans alike keep visiting time and time again. Sankt Peter Ordling beach is a must-see. Boat trips can be taken, the sunset walks along the seebrucke are unforgetable or if you prefer to remain on the sand or in the green, horseback rides are available to make your time here extra special.

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Other activities such as surfing the wild and choppy waters of the North Sea can easily keep you occupied. Kitesurfing is very popular, kite surfing as well as cylcling and land yacht racing. So new adventures are never far away.

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On the other hand, if indulging in a dose (or two) of health and beauty rejuvination is high on your priority list, then there are many spa packages to choose from and many specialise in sea salt treatments. With well over 100 years of practise when it comes to pampering, the “North Sea Spa and Sulphur Spring” as it is also known as, will ensure your therapy is exceptional.

Sankt Peter Ordling is ubiquitously used by Hamburgers for weekend getaways and short breaks, though many come from further a field to embrace the beauty of the ancient settlement. Humans have been living, visiting and revisiting Sankt Peter Ordling for at least 700 years and with the natral beauty and wonder it provides, it is easy to see why.

In the world we live in, many of us are now city dwellers. Sankt Ordling gives its visitors space to breathe; a premium in this day and age, and you better believe the air is some of the best around.

When To Go

The best months for heat and light are July and August, where the temperature during the day gets upto 20 degrees. The rainfall is consistant all year round with an average of 7-9cm a month. September is the driest time to visit. Being a coastal destination, the climate is always relatively mild and with the amount of activities always available, a trip any time of the year will not leave travellers disappointed.

How To Get There


Hamburg is the closest airport, 142km away. From there, you can rent a car and be at your place of stay in less than two hours.


Train takes on average 3.5-4 hours from Hamburg airport and costs less than 30 euros if you book in advance. From Berlin trains take approximately 6 hours.


Bus may well be an economic and enviromentally friendly compromise. There is a frequent service from the captial of the district, Husum. And from further a field, FlixBus offer travel from Hamburg Airport for as little as 7 Euros. Travel times vary between 2.30-3.15 hours. Make sure to check bus times in advance during the off-season as buses are not scheduled everyday.

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How To Get Around

With a population around 5,000, Sankt Peter Ordling is not a difficult place to navigate. Seemingly at the end of the world, public transport is neither abundant nor necessary. Most locations are walkable, though there is a single bus service that can be used. Ticket prices are included in the local Kurtaxe. Kurtaxe is a tourist tax of around 2-3 euros per visitor per night that maintains the public ammenities of the town during your stay. Cars are also taxed at around 5 euros per day.

The most popular way to get around is by bike. Being very flat, the town and the surrounding area are very cycle-friendly. Cycle routes are bountiful and so, relaxing in nature becomes even more impossible to resist.

Food and Drink

Serving big portions of high quality food, not always a given in primarily tourist destinations. The vast majority of tourists Sankt Peter Ording are unsurprsingly German. So don’t be surprised when most of the food offerings cater to hungry Hamburger tastes. Traditional German fair is very popular here and don’t be surprised if you crave a good solid meal after a day of water sports or fresh sea air.

That being said, in this part of northern Germany many cultures overlap and so a sort of geometric fusion food emerges blending Scandinavian, Fresian and German delights into one delicious meal. This means dairy, beef, potatoes and onions of course.

And if you go during the winter, cakes and waffles can be eaten on one of the four piers under a blanket or two during the crisp and tranquil days. Whilst a heartily steaming bowl of Lapskaus (traditional Norwegian beef stew) will counter the boundless wild sea winds of an evening.

However, with its immediate proximity to the sea. The seafood offerings are not to be ignored. Nordsee Krabben (tender brown shrimps) are abundent in the North Sea and therefore are equally abundent on the plate’s of Sankt Peter Ording’s eateries. The herring is also superb, served with delicious accompaniments. And there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

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Where To Stay

Being a prime tourist destination there are many options when deciding where to stay within the town. All prices will come with a kurtaxe as mentioned above and are added to your bill.

If you’re looking to treat yourself with an emphasis on a relaxing holiday rather than an active one, then Aalernhus Hotel & Spa is a good starting point with consistantly good reviews and a service that can cater to your needs with modern style in timeless comfort.

A slightly less luxurious option is the wonderfully homely Hotel Zweitcheimat. Each one of its four floors is named after a local family. A place with great charm and warmth. An ideal place to pass the evening with a good book and hot chocolate.

Beyond Sankt Peter-Ording

15 km away is the iconic Westerhever lighthouse. This symbol of the Eiderstedt peninsula is a great excuse to venture out and see the rest of the peninsula. Also the district’s capital Husum is a charismatic harbour town with a palace worth visiting if you are looking for a little more civilisation again.