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The 10 best food spots in Berlin

Traveling abroad means getting to taste different kinds of food. Hence, food is an important component of every trip, meaning it is more than important. If you are planning to go to Berlin, here are the best food spots.

Zeit für Brot

If you are looking for traditional German pastries, Zeit für Brot is the right place. With their delicious bread loaves and cinnamon buns, this bakery attracts many hungry people. Who could resist the smell of freshly baked German bread anyway?

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab

People are waiting in line for 30 minutes just to get a taste of one of Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab. Frankly, it is one of the best food spots in Berlin – and rightly so, if you are into street food. This popularity stems from how well the kebabs are put together. Though the kebab is rather traditional, Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab combines this with a mixture of chicken and roasted vegetables, both unbeatable in taste.


Not only does li.ke offer Thai food – it is also completely vegan. While li.ke is more suitable for a small meal, it still offers a great variety of different Thai food. Larger dishes are very easy to share with your friends or whoever you are going with. This restaurant will not disappoint you.

Sarajevo Berlin

As the name already suggests, Sarajevo Berlin offers Balkan food. From traditional börek to cevapcici – there is food for everyone. The dishes are also rather cheap, considering the portions that you get. On top of that, Sarajevo Berlin delivers good quality and an incredible taste.

Curry 36

Classical Currywurst, but make it good. If you are looking for a late night snack after having spent time at a bar or a club, you should definitely check out Curry 36. Do not let the stand scare you away and get a taste of the famous Currywurst!

893 Ryōtei

It is not a secret that Japanese food can be quite expensive, but 893 Ryōtei is worth every penny. They offer the cliché Japanese food such as sushi and sashimi, but also introduce visitors to different variations of Japanese food. This restaurant is perfect for an evening out with your friends and will definitely leave an impression on you!

Kimchi Princess

Do you want to get a taste of Korean’s traditional dishes? You should definitely try Kimchi Princess. Not only does the interior of the restaurant look very Korean and will make you forget you are actually in Berlin, but the food is also tasty. Bulgogi, banchan and traditional Korean barbecue are must-tries!


Burgeramt tries to combine delicious burgers with the cultural diversity of Berlin. This is why they have made it their job to create burgers that are inspired by cultures across the globe. The bacon guacamole burger or the chicken peanut burger are just two of many different burgers. Enjoy your burgers with yummy fries and sauces as delicious!


Otto is not a normal restaurant, but instead gives German cuisine an entirely new look. For some people, the way the food is served may seem a bit weird and maybe even scary, simply because it is a different way of serving food. However, it is all inspired by fermentation, meaning the dishes can be rather sour. If you want to try something new, Otto is a good place to eat.


Yarok offers traditional Syrian food. Consequently, you will find falafel, kebab and hummus on the menu. Even vegans or vegetarians can eat at Yarok without any concern, as there are several vegan and vegetarian options. Dive deeper into Syrian cuisine!

You can find many food spots in Berlin

The food spots are as culturally diverse as Berlin itself is. The food culture in Berlin really resembles the city; people coming together and eating all kinds of different food. Honestly, the food is just a taste of what Berlin has to offer. Now, it is time for you to try the different dishes!

FAQ – Best Food Spots in Berlin

Best Food Spots in Berlin – where can you eat delicious burgers?

If you are looking for burgers, Burgeramt is a restaurant you should be trying. You get classic burgers with a pinch of other, different cuisines.

Best Food Spots in Berlin – where to eat if it is late at night?

Especially after a club or bar visit, most restaurants will be closed. But not Curry 36! Customers get classic German Currywurst for cheap.

Best Food Spots in Berlin – where can you eat Asian food?

Kimchi Princess offers great Korean food. 893 Ryōtei makes Japanese food. li.ke sells Thai food – and it is vegan, too.