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Best Ice Cream in Berlin – Spots you have to try!

Some people say that the best time to visit Berlin is in the summer. While it may be hot and crowded, you can find al lot of spots to cool off from the heat. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to make the summer heat bearable is to eat ice cream! Here is an overview of the best ice cream spots in Berlin.

Hokey pokey

Hokey Pokey is so popular, it was almost closed down! Some of the neighbors complained about the long queues after the opening. But it’s worth it! Great flavors like passionfruit, popcorn or peach-marzipan-riesling are convincing Berliners and tourists time and again to return to the little shop in Berlin-Prenzlauerberg.

Mos Eisley

Going to Tempelhofer Feld? Stop by Mos Eisley first! The ice cream shop is located in Neukölln, close to the old Airport. The owner Daniela Teuber studied at the Gelato University in Bologna. She creates fresh and organic ice cream with original flavors you have never heard of – like soy-peanut-crunch or black sesame.

Rosa Canina

Rosa Canina ice cream is made out of high-quality ingredients, with organic fruit and less sugar than usual. The taste is outstanding and the flavors rotate with the seasons. Who can say no to raspberry-basil or pineapple-sage in the summer and applesauce-cinnamon or caramelized walnut in the fall? Classics like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla are also staples here, so you can still enjoy those while trying something new. There are several Rosa Canina Stores, 4 are located in Berlin, one even in Frankfurt!


This ice cream shop is located in Rixdorf in Neukölln. They make simple ice cream with classic flavors like vanilla, strawberry or mango, concentrating on finding the best tasting recipes. The shops location next to the charming Böhmischer Platz has a welcoming feel and makes you want to stay for another round of fantastic ice cream!

Eisderix Böhmische Straße 48, Neukölln, Summer: 13-22 h

Woop Woop

Woop Woop is a very special ice cream shop. The ice cream here is made in front of you in less than 30 seconds. They use Liquid-nitrogen to shock-freeze the tasty ingredients. There are always four flavors to choose from and they always offer a vegan option. Woop Woop is open all year long, which makes it one of the only ice cream places in Berlin that are open in winter.


If you’re looking for a dessert, but aren’t in the mood for ice cream, try spooning! Spooning is a small shop in Prenzlauerberg, that sells edible cookie dough. The flavors range from classics like chocolate chip to salty crunch caramel or lemon cake. Every type of dough is gluten-free, made without eggs, and they even have some vegan options.

Spooning Cookie Dough GmbH Kollwitzstraße 56, Prenzlauerberg, Mon-Fri 1pm – 7pm, Sat & Sun 12am – 7pm

Berlins world of ice cream

Germany is mostly famous for its bread, not for its ice cream. But in Berlin you can find nearly every ice cream flavor there is! Between a hip and extra selection of flavors in neighborhoods like Prenzlauerberg and the classic taste of delicious chocolate ice cream in Rixdorf, everybody can choose their favorite.