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The 7 best food spots in Bremen

Are you planning a trip to Bremen? Great! You will love the vibes of the city and enjoy your stay there. However, food is always a concern. This is why here are the 10 best food spots in Bremen, so you have something to choose from right away.

Bremen Ratskeller

Bremen Ratskeller offers northern German dishes and combines these with a very rustic look that is almost intimidating. The restaurant is based in a cellar, in which wine used to be stored. Even today, visitors can enjoy the best wine they will ever taste. So, if you want to get a taste of Bremen, this restaurant is a good choice.

Scharfrichter Lounge

Scharfrichter Lounge’s specialty is German Currywurst. But Scharfrichter Lounge does not just make Currywurst, they have made it their job to create as many varieties as possible. Visitors will find the strangest names on the menu, but these names refer to nothing more than the different varieties of Currywurst.


If you want to visit Bremen in summer, Schröters is a must-try. With its beautiful outside area, you can enjoy your food and the beautiful view. You can also eat inside and benefit from a wine cellar feeling that you rarely get to experience. In case you are interested in art, there is magnificent art upstairs you can look at after or before dining. The cuisine is very European-ish and visitors can try Wiener Schnitzel or Italian risotto, for example.

Schüttinger Brewpub

By visiting Schüttinger Brewpub, you will not just simply get some tasty beer. Instead, it will be an entire experience. Since the pub is rather rustic, there is a certain flair that comes with going there. One or two beers and rather hearty food. Does that sound good to you? Go!

El Mundo Bremen

This restaurant is very el mundo! Offering steaks, curry, seafood and other dishes from cuisines from all around the world, El Mundo is very international. Visitors are surrounded by all kinds of art that is very nice to look at. Plus, the ceilings are very high, which makes eating at this restaurant a nice experience.

The Theatre Ship

The name of this restaurant is very much intentional: eating there will give you a beautiful view of the river, and its surroundings, because you are literally on the water. Hence, if you have never eaten a fancy lunch or dinner in a ship, The Theatre Ship should be on your list. They offer various foods to cover different cuisines around the globe.

Teestübchen Schnoor

Teestübchen Schnoor is a beautiful place for getting a nice cup of tea. With over 60 different teas, you will surely find something you enjoy. They offer breakfast, lunch as well as an afternoon teatime, inspired by British tea time. Everything is self-made and served wonderfully. Staying there will make you feel all cozy and warm.

You can try a variety of food spots in Bremen

Though most restaurants are rather traditional and focus on German cuisine, there are plenty of other restaurants offering more diverse dishes from all around the world. However, if you want to have a nice view while eating, you have different restaurants to choose from. Honestly, you should also try tea, coffee or pastries there – you will not regret it!

FAQ – Food Spots in Bremen

Food Spots in Bremen – where can you enjoy nice tea and pastries?

Teestübchen Schnoor is a must-try if you enjoy tea and pastries. They have more than 60 teas to choose from!

Food Spots in Bremen – what is a restaurant with a nice view?

If you want to enjoy a nice view while dining, you should definitely check out Kaffee Mühle or The Theatre Ship.

Food Spots in Bremen – where can you try traditional German Currywurst?

Probably the best German Currywurst in Bremen is made by the people at Scharfrichter Lounge. There are countless variations of the original Currywurst.