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Heligoland – The Unique Island

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Germany is blessed to have not only one, but several beautiful islands. However, among the many Islands in Germany, there is only one unique of them all; the Heligoland Island. It is classified as one of the smallest islands in Germany endowed with magnificent red sandstone with green steep land.

The island is 40 kilometres from the mainland and it is regarded as the German’s only high-seas island due to its significant distance from the mainland. Due to the long distance from the mainland, people visiting Heligoland can enjoy some quietude and the beauty of the natural monument.

When the sun shines, it seems to shine brightest on the island. The soft sun rays bring life to the aquatic life that surrounds the island. The surrounding Gulfstream favours the climate in the island. The sun brings forth a bright, but not too hot summer season that is a favourite for summertime lovers. The island also enjoys some mild temperatures which ensure during winter; life still goes on in the island. In short, the island enjoys one of the best maritime climates in the region.

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The waters from the high sea help to create unique features on the island. When the waves come towards the island, they carry along clean sand that cements the island’s beaches. The waves also wash the sand on the beach leaving it clean for sand bathing lovers to enjoy their time on the island.

While sunbathing, you can enjoy the fresh air that blows from the sea. There are no vehicles on the island and therefore no exhaust fumes and noise to deal with. Thus, Heligoland is regarded as a suitable destination for holiday makers seeking a destination for good health and wellness. The island is also an excellent holiday destination for allergy sufferers who can enjoy the fresh air that is virtually free of pollen and other contaminants.

How to get to Heligoland Island
The island enjoys many good connections from the mainland. The most efficient means of transport to the Island is by a boat. Some boats cruise from Busum, Cuxhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven to the island. Boats make the favourite means of transport to most of the visitors as they will get to enjoy unique views of the majestic red cliffs rising out of the waters as one approaches the Island.

Apart from travelling on the boat to the island, you can also book a flight to the Island. The Heligoland Airport stands on the island of Dune and has connections from Hamburg, Bremerhaven and other places. But since there are no scheduled international services, most of the visitors prefer to connect to the island from the nearby major towns.

Getting around the island
Heligoland island is divided into three distinct areas; the upper, the middle, and the lower lands. All the three areas of the island are worth strolling around any time of the year. Motor vehicles and motorcycles are restricted to the island, and the prohibition has been enshrined in the federal traffic code.

The most preferred way of strolling around the island is by walking. There are well-defined hiking trails around the cliff and other areas. A typical day trip of about five hours is enough time to visit the dune, the aquarium and also to do some shopping. If you are planning to have an in-depth experience of the island, you may consider spending a few more nights on the island.

What to see on the island
The island has a unique and a great flora and fauna for nature lovers. The world’s famous lobster and the Knieper are all found on the island. The natural event dune and the famous bird protection station in Germany are also found on the island. Most of the visitors can’t leave Heligoland without visiting the Dune. The beaches in this area are beautiful, and often, one can find seals basking on the sand.

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While on the island, you can visit Lummenfelsen, the world’s smallest wild preserve, the aquarium Heligoland and the old bunker. One important thing that visitors are always reminded of is never to forget their photo lenses as the island offers numerous photo scenes.

Also do not forget to take pictures in front of Lange Anna.

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What to do on the island
Heligoland Island is a haven for outdoor activities. There are numerous activities that one can engage in, making the island a favourite to those who want to engage in some form of body workouts. There are also numerous hiking paths that lead to beautiful sceneries in the island.

Additionally, there is seawater outdoor swimming bath that is maintained at constant temperatures of 26 degrees C throughout the year. One can also engage in high sea sailing and yachting club. There are several tennis courts and mini golf pitches as well as fishing expeditions on the sea. In short, there is something for everyone who comes to Heligon Island.

Where to shop
Heligoland has some exclusive shops that invite you from afar for great strolls. Most of the people prefer doing their shopping on the island since it is classified as a duty-free zone. Visitors can, therefore, enjoy customs duty and VAT exemptions on various products purchased from the shops.

One can buy electronics, tobacco, alcohol, and other high-duty items at lower prices on the island. Heligoland bars offer an extensive collection of Scotch malt whiskeys and other exotic whiskeys at unbeatable prices. The best thing about shopping on the island is that one can get some merchandise that isn’t usually sold on the mainland. In some instances, one can get the same products but in a different packaging.

Heligoland is known for its seafood delicacies. During the day, most of the restaurants will only serve small snacks for the average traveller on a one-day visit to the island. Other restaurants will offer full course meals depending on individual needs.

Heligoland is regarded as the centre for Germany’s lobster fishing, and thus lobster is served as a local delicacy as are Knieper and numerous of other local sea foods such as prawns plaice and herring. Heligolander Eiergrog is a special drink made from brown and white rum, hot water and eggs. Though most of the visitors love to experiment this special island drink, it is considered to be high in alcohol, and therefore it should be consumed in moderation.

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Where to stay
Heligoland is a renowned tourist destination, so there are a plethora of choices for both visitors on budget and couples on honeymoon. The most important thing is to ensure to plan well ahead of the visit as accommodation prices in the island keep changing depending on the time of the year.

While on the island, one can also choose to spend the night in a tent. There are several places, including the Dunes which can arrange for camping tents and basic cabins for rent. Just as it is the case in hostel and hotel accommodation, camping materials and site should be booked in advance. If one doesn’t book the accommodation early enough, they might have problems getting out of the island once the ships have sailed in the afternoon.

Which is the best time to visit Heligoland?
Life in Heligoland is vibrant throughout the year. It doesn’t matter whether it is summer or winter; Heligoland Island has its special fascination throughout every season. You can plan to visit this magnificent island alone or in guided groups.

All you need to do is to look for a reputable travel agency that can arrange for all your travelling needs, especially if you are considering an extended stay on the island. You will get the opportunity to hike on the beaten paths that lead to great places and get to know the wonders of nature by walking.