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Büsum – Home of the North Sea Shrimps

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About Busum
Busum is a small town located in the Dithmarschen district in Schleswig Holstein. The town has roughly 5,000 residents and is connected to the North Sea coast. It is a fishing town well-known for its small but delicious shrimps (Busumer Krabben) and is also a seaside getaway spot for tourists. It has a history as a spa-town and is the perfect spot if you just want to relax for a few days and walk on top of the dyke to enjoy the scenery.

Getting To Busum Germany
There are 3 ways to get to Busum Germany, by bus, train and car.

By Bus
From Hamburg, the Bus operator FlixBus has services that will take you to Heide. From Heide, you will need to catch another bus with the operator DB Bus which will take you to dithmarscher Strabe, Busum.

The whole trip takes approximately 4 hours.

By Train
From Hamburg Dammtor station, there are trains that run regularly to Elmshorn station. Once at Elmshorn, you will need to change trains to get to Heide (Holst) station. From there, you can catch a regional train to Busum.

This journey by train can take up to 2 and a half hours.

By Car
Getting to Busum from Hamburg is simple by car. Just follow the A23 all the way to Busum Germany. The trip takes approximately an hour and a half depending on the amount of traffic.

Busum Port
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Busum Dyke
looong dyke © Katja Xenikis / Fotolia

Getting Around Busum

By Walking
Busum is a small holiday resort town and most places are within easy walking distance.

By Bicycle
Hiring a bicycle is a great way to visit surrounding areas of Busum.

With The Busum E-Class
Busum offers rental of an electric car, the Renault Twizy. The daily rental price is approximately 39 euros, while half a day rent is roughly 24 euros.

By Car
You can rent a car to get around and visit the main tourist attractions in Busum. There is free parking at places such as the Perlagucht family campus and at the harbour.

Things To See And Do In Busum

1. Museum am Meer
The “Museum by the sea” (Museum am Meer) provides information about the town’s history of tourism and crab fishing and processing. It’s located next to the harbour in Busum and is in the same building as the Busum Fishing society.

The museum also offers a crab culinary course with a guided tour of the museum. You can get an insight into the world of crab fishing and understand the process. Afterwards, you are treated to a meal of crabs and shown how to enjoy the crab dish.

2. Busum “Sea World” Aquarium
The Busum “Sea World” Aquarium contains a total of 60,000 litres of seawater and freshwater and houses over 130 species in 34 aquariums. It’s a great place to bring children to learn about the marine wildlife from around the world as well as some that are native to the North Sea.

3. Busum Spa Park
The Busum Spa Park is a peaceful oasis where you can relax among the flower beds, herb garden and fresh air. During the summer months, the Busum Spa orchestra plays in the music pavilion if the weather permits and you can enjoy the music in the serene environment of the garden.

4. St Clemens Church
St Clemens church was built around 1281 but was damaged in a storm flood. The present church was built in 1442 and stands to this day. It’s open from 8 am to 4 pm daily.

5. Visit Busum’s Main Beach
Busum’s main beach was completed and re-opened in March 2015. It now features a promenade and seating areas. It’s a great spot for families and others alike to visit and enjoy summer activities

6. Pamper Yourself At The Physiomar Spa and Physiotherapy Centre
The Physiomar spa and physiotherapy centre offers spa treatments and therapies to take away all your stress and help you relax on your holiday in Busum. It’s located at the medical centre in Busum Westerstrabe 30.

7. Go On A Guided Tour
Going on a guided tour is a great way to see the sights and sounds in Busum Germany. There are a number of tours available. First, there are bicycle tours available at varying distances. The short tours are a maximum of 20 km in distance, while the longer tours can go up to 50 km in distance.

The bicycle tours are a great way to see the surrounding landscapes and view the nature of Busum. The tours are offered through tourist information centre.

Next, there are walking tours which bring you around the old fishing village and show you the history of crab fishing in Busum. The tour guides will show you the quiet streets and laneways of the city port and the St Clemens church. These tours are also available through the tourist information centre.

Busum Shrimps
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Restaurants in Busum Germany

Here are some recommendations for restaurants in Busum Germany:

  • Stortebeker Steakhouse – http://www.stoertebeker-steakhaus.de/
  • Puro Lusitano – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Puro-Lusitano/427598127448976
  • Kuhlmanns Hafenpick – https://www.facebook.com/Hafenpick/

Nightlife In Germany
Here are the three recommended bars for nightlife in Busum Germany:

  • Haifisch Bar Busum – https://www.facebook.com/buesum.de/
  • Honer’s KoePi Busum – http://hoeners-koepi.de
  • Spritzenhaus Busum – https://www.facebook.com/Spritzenhaus/

Where To Stay In Busum Germany
Looking for accommodation in Busum Germany? Here are the top 3 recommended hotels:

  • Hotel Astra Maris – Address: Tertius-Toern 28, 25761 Busum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Boothaus Bernstein Hotel Garni – Address: Hafenstr. 10, 25761 Busum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Aparthotel Bernstein – Address: Strandstr. 23, 25761 Busum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany