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Heringsdorf – The Imperial Spa and Seaside Resort Town

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About Heringsdorf
Heringsdorf is a popular seaside resort town, located in Northern Germany on the island of Usedom. It is connected to the Baltic Sea Coast and the Polish Border. The area is also referred to as “Kaiserbäder” which translates into Imperial Spa. It has gotten a reputation for its spas because of the many vacation visits made by the German emperor Wilhelm II until 1918.

It consists of three towns including Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck and Bansin. These three areas feature clean beaches, interesting mansions and houses that are built in the style of resort architecture.

Today the resort town offers a mix of hotels, shops, restaurants and a beach promenade making it the ideal location for a seaside getaway.

Best Time To Visit Kaiserbad Heringsdorf

To enjoy the beaches and promenade of Heringsdorf, it’s best to visit in the warmer months of June, July and August. The warmest month is July. By contrast, the coolest month is in January.

Pier view Heringsdorf
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How To Get There

There are several options for getting to Kaiserbad Heringsdorf depending on your budget and how quickly you want to get there.

By Car

If travelling by car, Kaiserbad Heringsdorf is connected by the Bundesstrabe 111 (B111) if you are travelling from the north. If you’re travelling from the south, Heringsdorf is connected by the Bundesstrabe 110 (B110)

By Train

Heringsdorf Neuhof is the main station in Kaiserbad Neuhof. To get there, catch a regional train from Zussow station.

By Bus
MeinFernbus Flixbus operates routes to Heringsdorf Germany.

By Plane
The closest airport in Kaiserbad Heringsdorf is the Heringsdorf Airport (HDF).

Getting Around Heringsdorf

By Bicycle

The best way to see the promenade is to hire a bicycle and ride along the strip through Heringsdorf, Ahlbeck and Bansin.

By Bus

There is a local bus service if you wish to take public transport around Heringsdorf. Bus tours also run through Usedom taking you around to see the local attractions and sights.

By Taxi

If you want a convenient way to get around, hire a taxi to take you from point to point.

By Kaiserbad Express

The Kaiserbad Express is like a ‘choo-choo’ train that takes you around to the tourist attractions of Heringsdorf. Contact the tourist information centre for more information.

What To See and Do In Kaiserbad Heringsdorf

1. Beach Promenade (Kaiserbader – Swinemunde)

The Beach Promenade is one of the longest in Europe extending a total of 12 kilometres. It runs through Bansin to Heringsdorf and finally Ahlbeck before reaching the Polish Border. The promenade has both a cycling and a walking path to watch the sea views and breathe the fresh air from the Baltic Sea.

Along the walk, there are green areas and leisure facilities for visitors to enjoy. You can also view the bath architecture, browse through the shops and stop by the restaurants, cafes and hotels. During the summertime, there are performances held near the Heringsdorf pier in the theatre tent. During the winter, an ice rink is set up.

2. Heringsdorf Pier (Seebrucke Heringsdorf)

The Heringsdorf Pier was built from wood during 1891 to 1893. At this time it was 500 metres long, but it was extended 10 years later to 508 metres and it’s the longest of its kind in Europe. The pier is partially covered towards the lakeside and sports a restaurant, as well as a side boat dock which allows you to take trips to Swinemunde.

Heringsdorf Pier
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Towards the landside, a building complex is integrated with the pier and it contains a museum, shops, restaurants and cinema.

3. Bath Architecture Heringsdorf/Ahlbeck

“Bath Architecture” began in Germany’s oldest seaside resort in Heiligendamm and since then its style has become a dominant feature in seaside resorts in Germany, including Kaiserbad Heringsdorf. The characteristics of this architectural style include two to four storey buildings, mostly in white, with striking verandas, balconies and intricately designed windows. Larger buildings also have protruding facades with pillars.

This type of architecture is prevalent throughout Kaiserbad Heringsdorf and it can be admired walking through the streets of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. Examples include the hotel “Ahlbecker Hof”, Villa Delbruckenstrabe No 6 and the Irmgard Villa. The architecture provides the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities by tourists.

Ahlbecker Hof
Ahlbecker Hof © Jörg Hackemann / Fotolia

4.Heringsdorf Beach
Heringsdorf beach is a wide expansive beach with finely grained sand. At several spots throughout the beach, there are kiosks where you can buy drinks and snacks and borrow beach baskets. You can feel safe swimming in the waters during the summertime at Heringsdorf beach because they are monitored by rescue floats.

Dog owners can bring their pets to the “dog beach” located to the north-west near Bansin. There are also trampolines for children near the pier, and bungee trampolines for those who dare. In an effort to be sustainable, the beach has been certified several times by the standard of “Blue Flag”.

Heringsdorf Beach
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5. Museum Villa Irmgard

The Villa Irmgard is a former guesthouse built in 1906 in the style of neoclassicism and bath architecture. One of the most prominent guests of the former guest house was Russian writer Maxim Gorky who spent a holiday there with his sister in law and son in 1922.

Today, the guest house has a memorial to Gorky as well as an exhibition of the villa that provides information on the history of the village. The rooms of the villa are also used for bookings, exhibitions, small theatre performances and concerts.

6. Manfred von Ardenne Observatory

The observatory is located near the sea bridge of Heringsdorf and was founded by the well-renowned scientist, Manfred von Ardenne, in 1960. He often spent his holidays in the village. In the evening, tourists can visit the museum for an evening tour and observe the stars and planets. These tours are available four days a week.

7. Art Pavilion (Kunstpavillon Heringsdorf)

The art pavilion was originally built by the GDR and was planned to be exported to the western world. However, this plan didn’t work out and since then the place has been used as an exhibition of various works from artists in Usedom. It also features sculptures, paintings, and graphics from artists all over Germany.

Near the entrance of the museum, you can purchases catalogues, posters, books and art as a souvenir of your visit to the Art Pavilion in Heringsdorf.

8. Baltic Sea Spa Usedom (Ostsee Therme Usedom)

The Baltic Sea Spa Usedom (Ostsee Therme Usedom) is a combination of a bathing and sauna world, health club and spa centre. It was first opened in 1996 and is open almost every day of the year. The healing waters that visitors bathe in are enriched with a 4% iodine salt.

In the bathing section, there is a large pool with slides, water grottoes, neck fountains and massage jets. Also, there is a brine and steam bath with an outside basin that has temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius. Also, popular are the baby pool for smaller visitors and the water garden.

The sauna section offers, bio-saunas, infrared heat cabins and two log-house saunas in the outdoor area. It also has a wide range of wellness packages on offer ranging from a Wellness oasis to Balinese spa, to massages from head to toe.

In the spa therapy section, there are extensive physiotherapeutic applications available mostly for medical purposes. Bathing cures are carried out by physiotherapists, medical baths masters and masseurs. The thermal bath areas of the spa are monitored by trainers to ensure they remain healthy.

9. Take A Tour

There are tours available that take you around the sights of the island of Usedom and Heringsdorf. The Kaiserbad Express is a part train-part bus and takes you around the seaside resorts of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin. No registration is required for these tours and they depart every 40 minutes.

Bus tours are also available to take you around the island of Usedom. They are longer than the tours on the Kaiserbad express and last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. Some of the tours available are through Hansestadt Stralsund, Island round trip, Vorpommern tour, and small island snorkelling tour. Visit https://www.kaiserbaeder-express.de for more information.



This path heading towards the Heringsdorf pier is a lively shopping street with renovated villas. The Friedensstrabe leads to the main loop in the centre of the village where you can find restaurants and hotels. On either side of the Friedensstrabe, you can find a variety of boutiques and shops to explore.


The promenade is 12 kilometres long and has many shops to browse through as well as restaurants and cafes to rest in between your shopping.

Karls Experience Village Usedom

Karls experience Village in Usedom is a farmers market that offers products from three open manufacturers. There are homemade jam, self made confectionary and freshly baked bread.


The nightlife in Heringsdorf is fairly laid back and consists of bars and restaurants. Each section has their own distinct zone.

Aurelia Strandlounge and Bar 1901 – Grenzstrabe 2
Wirtshaus Leo – Dunenstrabe 57

Atlantic Pub – Strandpromenade 18
Davidoff Lounge – Seestrabe 5

Alex Bar and Restaurant – Delbruckstrabe 1
Waterfront Bar and Bistro – Liehrstrabe 11


The dining options in Kaiserbad Heringsdorf are plentiful and range from fine dining to cheap eats.

Fine Dining

  • Lutter and Wegner – http://lutter-wegner-usedom.de/
  • Tom Wickboldt – http://www.strandhotel-ostseeblick.de/de/restaurant-bernstein-usedom
  • Restaurant Bernstein – http://www.seetel.de/

Cheap Eats

  • Uwe’s Fischerhuette – http://www.uwes-fischerhuette.de/impressum.html
  • El Toro – https://www.eltoro-heringsdorf.de/
  • Das Ahlbeck – http://www.das-ahlbeck.usedom-inside.de/


Here are the top three recommended hotels in Kaiserbad Heringsdorf:

  • Steigenberger Grandhotel and Spa www.steigenberger.com/en/hotels/all-hotels/germany/heringsdorfusedom/steigenberger-grandhotel-and-spa
  • Strandhotel Ostseeblick – http://www.strandhotel-ostseeblick.de/
  • Travel Charme Strandidyll Heringsdorf – https://www.travelcharme.com/en/hotels/strandidyll-heringsdorf