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Langeoog: The Island for life

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Langeoog is a gorgeous coastal island in the Wadden Sea (north Germany).
The beach of the island stretches 9 miles (14 km).
Due to the air being fresh and not polluted by petrol, the island is an ideal destination for asthma sufferers and those with respiratory issues. Tourists come from all over the world for coastal holidays away from the busy city.
Locals call it the ‘island for life.’ This island is surrounded by nature and is inhabited by health-conscious people. It attracts families and people who are recovering from various ailments.

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Getting there
You can take a ferry from Bensersiel Port to Langeoog. There, a train will be waiting to take you to the village train station. For train timetable, go on www.schiffahrt-langeoog.de.
No cars are allowed at Langeoog. Tourists’ cars must be parked near the harbour in Bensersiel where there are plenty of car spaces available. You can either get around on foot or hire a bike or a horse drawn carriage.

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Almost every building on the island has guest rooms, however there are hotels in Langeoog as well.
Hotel Norderriff is highly rated by travellers and is a romantic style hotel with all the amenities one needs to be comfortable.
Retro Design Hotel is a funky hotel with a 70s retro style which never goes out of fashion. The hotel has a pool, bar and a spa and free WiFi.

Places to eat
There are many fine restaurants in Langeoog. Many offer fresh Northern Sea fish.
Krogers – This modern restaurant has a delicious menu full of innovative cuisine.
Panoramarestaurant Seekrug – This restaurant is located on a dune with amazing coastal views and views of the island.

Things to do
Swimming is loved by all on the beaches of Langeoog. The long stretch of coast is divided into beach sections. There is a no- smoking beach, a beach for young peoples, a surfing beach, dog beach, beach for playing sports and flying kites.
You can take private tours of the island by foot or ride along the beaches on horseback.

Every year there is a beach volleyball tournament held on the island. The island is very popular for sports enthusiasts. You can play football, basketball and tennis.
You can also participate in organised beach runs and you can also engage in “Nordic Walking” at the Nordic Walking Park.

If you prefer a slower pace activity, you can rent a beach chair for a day and relax in the warming sun. There are also landscape painting classes held each Wednesday.

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In the dunes, there is a swimming pool, sauna and indulgent spa with various treatments available including massage.
There is a popular shopping district in Langeoog village as well as many Parisian style cafes where you can enjoy a cup of traditional Frisian Tea.
In the village, you can enjoy various concerts, exhibitions, comedy shows during the year. Wendy house is popular with children as it provides performers and clowns.
There are also various boat trips available, in particular, one is a pirate-themed trip where children can dress up as pirates and hunt for treasure hidden in the sea. Fun for the entire family. You can also take a boat trip to view the seals or the surrounding islands.
Popular places to visit
– Water Tower- built in 1908, where you can soak up views of the beaches and village.
– Towers of the Catholic and Protestant Church
– Langeoog Museum for a dive into the island’s historical roots.
– Aquarium
– Melkhorndune is a high sand dune with amazing panoramic views.

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Langeoog is fantastic to visit all year round. We look forward to seeing you there!