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Amrum – Pearl of the North Sea

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You’ve likely never heard of Amrum. Despite being the tenth largest island off the coast of Germany it remains one of the country’s best-kept secrets. When you arrive on its wide, sandy shore you’ll likely understand why: this isle is an unspoiled paradise, teeming with wildlife. If you need a break from the city, or just some quiet time to clear your head, Amrum is the place to be. Kick off your shoes, sink your toes into the sands and take a wander – there’s plenty to discover as you do so.

Hit The Beach

If you love spending time on the beach, Amrum is sure not to disappoint. With almost ten kilometres of sandy coast, there’s space for everyone, from surfers to sunbathers to nudists. Worthy of particular note is the Amrum Kniepsand – one of the largest sandbars in the whole of Europe. The expansive view from the tip is a definite highlight of any trip to the island.

While wandering the wide open sands you’ll no doubt encounter a menagerie of different species. It’s no surprise, as Amrum is known to be home to over ten thousand different species of animal and plant. Its diversity makes it a haven for birdwatchers and animal enthusiasts of all kinds – and even if you don’t know your gulls from your terns there are plenty of organised expeditions you can join to benefit from the knowledge of an expert.

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Have A Blast

Although Amrum is an ideal spot of rest and relaxation, that doesn’t have to be all your holiday there is about – the island offers plenty of fun and excitement as well. The expansive beach makes it perfect for water sports of all kinds, from windsurfing to simple paddling. Newbies can find their depth in the shallow waters, while experienced surfers will enjoy the waves and winds on offer on some of the more exposed stretches of beach.

If you prefer to remain firmly on dry land, there are plenty of options for hiking and biking, with cheap bike hire available in all of the island settlements. Similarly, if you’re more comfortable with hooves than you are with wheels it’s simple enough to book a riding session along the waterfront – or even by the light of the moon. See https://www.amrum.de/ for details of how to book any activity.

A Pleasant Stay

Most of the hotel accommodation available on Amrum is clean, simple and relatively inexpensive – after all, you likely won’t be spending too much time languishing in your room. Wherever you stay you’re guaranteed a pleasant and cosy welcome, but if you do fancy splashing out then Letj Briis comes highly recommended. As well as the usual trappings you’d expect in any high-end hotel, it also comes with a sauna, and stands only minutes from the beach.

Outdoorsy types might wish to try their hand at camping, and Amrum provides ample opportunity to do so. There are two main campsites – one car-free site intended particularly for families with children. Its location close to the beach makes it ideal for bathing and fun on the sand. On the other side of the island, you’ll find the nudist campsite, where clothes are strictly optional, and which lays on volleyball, yoga and a host of other activities to complement your stay.

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Getting There

Amrum is, of course, an island… and a small one at that. You might think that getting there in the first place presents something of a challenge – but fortunately, Amrum is very well-connected. You can fly direct from a host of major cities to the airport on the nearby island of Sylt, then simply catch the Amrum express boat from there.

If, alternatively, you’re coming by rail or by car simply head for Dagebüll, where you’ll be able to catch one of the regular ferries across to the island – expect the journey to take about two hours in total. There’s no need to reserve parking, but if you want to take your car with you onto the island it’s strongly recommended that you book a place on the ferry in advance. For more information about getting to Amrum, see http://www.bahn.de/nordseeinseln.

Getting Around

Given Amrum’s relatively small size, getting around doesn’t present too much of an issue – in fact, the predominant means of transport is by bicycle. Whether you bring your own or hire one once you’re on the island, you should be able to get wherever you need to go via the extensive network of cycle routes that criss-cross Amrum.

Tired out from a day on the beach, or just don’t fancy all that pedalling in the first place? No problem – there are also buses which connect all of the settlements on the island. These run at least once every hour and once every half an hour during peak season, and are an easy and inexpensive way to get around without working up a sweat!

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Easy To Visit, Difficult To Leave

Amrum is an island that manages to be both wild and remote and well-connected enough that it’s not a slog to get to. With abundant flora and fauna, endless opportunities for relaxation or excitement, cosy hotels and more clean and pleasant sands than you could wish for the hardest thing about Amrum might be leaving this island paradise once you’ve arrived.