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Ravensberg, Germany: A Town Steeped in History

The Essentials

Where can I stay at Ravensberg Germany?

For information on available accommodation, it is recommended that you check online booking platforms or travel websites. Learn more about accommodations in Ravensberg here…

Where is Ravensberg located?

In the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany there is a town called Ravensburg. Get more information about Ravensberg here…

What can I do at Ravensberg?

Visiting the historic old town or exploring the Ravensburg State Art Museum are popular activities and attractions in Ravensburg.

Nestled in the southern region of Germany lies the charming medieval town of Ravensburg Germany, located in the Upper Swabian area of Baden-Württemberg. A delightful mix of old-world charm and modern conveniences, this picturesque town is famous for its stunning half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets, and vibrant squares.

With a cultural heritage dating back to the Middle Ages, Ravensburg offers a perfect retreat for history aficionados and art enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will be exploring some of the top-rated attractions that make Ravensburg a must-visit destination.

Overview of Ravensberg

Burg Ravensberg is a stunning castle located in the Ravensberg Hills, near the town of Borgholzhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Ravensburg, Germany is surrounded by the breathtaking Allgäu Alps and the picturesque Lake Constance, adding to its natural beauty. Ravensburg is renowned for its remarkable preservation of medieval architecture and cultural heritage, making it a favorite destination for history and culture enthusiasts. It is a town that exudes charm and tranquility, where visitors can experience the beauty of nature and the richness of history all at once.

Ravensburg Hotel Residenz

Ravensburg Hotel Residenz is a stylish and modern hotel located in the heart of Ravensburg, Germany. The hotel is known for its elegant and comfortable rooms, which offer a range of amenities including air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. The Ravensburg Hotel Residenz also offers a sauna and fitness centre for guests wishing to relax or stay active during their stay.

Must-Visit Attractions in Ravensberg

Indulge in a stay at Ravensburg Hotel Ochsen and explore treasures like Gipfel of Ravensberg.

One of Ravensburg Germany’s main attractions is its old town, which is full of historic buildings, winding lanes and charming squares. Visitors can stroll through the lively market square, admire the ornate facades of the townhouses and explore the historic towers and gates that once protected the town.

More known attractions in Ravensberg are:

  • Marienplatz: Start your exploration at Marienplatz, the vibrant central square surrounded by stunning old buildings. It’s a popular meeting spot for locals and visitors alike and features the beautiful 16th-century Marienbrunnen fountain.
  • Ravensburg Castle: For a glimpse into the town’s past, visit Ravensburg Castle, a medieval fortress turned museum. Explore the castle’s rooms and exhibits to learn about its role in the town’s history.
  • Museum Humpis-Quartier: Another must-visit museum in Ravensburg is the Museum Humpis-Quartier, housed in a restored 15th-century building. The museum provides an insight into the town’s history and the daily lives of its residents through exhibits featuring medieval art, furniture and weapons.
  • Veitsburg: For panoramic views of Ravensburg and the surrounding countryside, take a trip to Veitsburg, a fortress built in the 14th century on a hill overlooking the city. It now serves as a museum dedicated to the town’s history and its strategic importance in the region.
  • Schloss Wolfegg: Take a short trip outside of Ravensburg to visit the beautiful Wolfegg Castle. Built in the 16th century, the castle houses a museum with an impressive collection of art, furniture and everyday objects from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Bähnlesmarkt: Finally, immerse yourself in the culture of the town by attending the annual Bähnlesmarkt, a vibrant and colourful market that has been held in Ravensburg’s old town since the Middle Ages. Here, you can sample delicious food and drink, browse through crafts and clothing, and experience the town’s rich cultural heritage.

Tip: A visit to Veitsburg Castle is a must for anyone visiting Ravensburg, not only for its historical significance but also for the breathtaking panoramic views of the city and surrounding countryside. Climbing to the top of the castle offers visitors the opportunity to appreciate the picturesque landscape from a unique perspective.

Outdoor Adventures and Activities in Ravensberg

Unwind in the heart of the city at Hotel Ochsen Ravensburg.

Located in the south of Germany, Ravensburg is known not only for its historic old town and charming architecture, but also for its wide range of outdoor adventures and activities. From walking and cycling to water and winter sports, there is something for everyone in Ravensburg.

Walking and cycling

Ravensburg is surrounded by beautiful countryside and natural wonders, making it a perfect destination for walkers and cyclists. The area offers a variety of trails and paths for all levels, from easy and scenic to challenging and adventurous. Some of the most popular routes include the Oberschwaben-Allgäu-Weg, the Ravensburger Radrunde and the Schwäbische Alb.

Water sports

The region also offers plenty of opportunities for water sports such as swimming, sailing and canoeing. Lake Constance, the third largest lake in Central Europe, is only a short drive away and offers a variety of water sports. The lakes of Ailingen and Oberhofen are also popular for swimming, boating and fishing.

Winter Sports

During the winter months, Ravensburg and the surrounding area becomes a hub for winter sports enthusiasts. The Allgäu Alps and the Hörnergruppe are popular destinations for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. The Hochgrat and the Hündle are two popular ski areas in the region.

Other outdoor activities

For those seeking more unconventional outdoor activities, Ravensburg also offers paragliding, climbing and horse riding. The Ravensburger Spieleland amusement park is also a fun option for families with children.

Other Outdoor Activities

For those seeking more unconventional outdoor activities, Ravensburg also offers options such as paragliding, climbing and horse riding. The Ravensburger Spieleland amusement park is also a fun option for families with children.

Additional Information: As well as its natural beauty and cultural attractions, Ravensburg is also known for its lively events and festivals. One of the most popular is the Rutenfest, which takes place every July and attracts visitors from all over the world. The festival features a range of activities including parades, live music, carnival rides and traditional food and drink. Another popular event is the Ravensburg Christmas Market, which takes place in the old town every December and offers visitors a chance to experience the festive atmosphere of the town.

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Accommodations in Ravensberg

Over the years, Burg Ravensberg has been expanded and renovated numerous times.

When planning a visit to Ravensberg, one of the most important things to consider is where to stay. Here are some of the best places to stay in Ravensberg, from cosy bed and breakfasts to luxurious hotels.

  • Hotel Bad Minden: Located in the heart of Minden, Hotel Bad Minden is a great option for travellers looking for a comfortable and convenient stay. The hotel offers spacious rooms and suites, as well as an on-site restaurant and bar.
  • Gut Böckel: If you are looking for a more tranquil and secluded stay, Gut Böckel is an excellent choice. This beautiful hotel is surrounded by forests and meadows, providing a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The hotel also offers a range of wellness activities, including yoga and meditation classes.
  • Gasthaus Pappelkrug: If you’re looking for a quaint and homey atmosphere, Gasthaus Pappelkrug is the perfect choice. Located in the peaceful village of Bünde, this charming bed and breakfast boasts cozy rooms with a rustic decor that adds to its traditional charm. The homemade breakfast is not to be missed, as it features delicious local specialties that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for the day ahead.
  • Mercure Hotel Bad Oeynhausen City: If you are looking for a more modern and upmarket experience, the Mercure Hotel Bad Oeynhausen City is a good choice. The hotel offers stylish and comfortable rooms as well as a fitness centre and sauna.
  • Hotel Residenz Ravensburg: One of the highlights of the Hotel Residenz Ravensburg is its prime location in the city centre, making it a great base for exploring the city’s many attractions. Guests can visit the Ravensburg Museum, which showcases the city’s history, or explore the medieval streets and architecture of the Old Town. Hotel Residenz Ravensburg is also close to shopping areas, restaurants and cafes, making it a convenient choice for visitors wanting to experience the local culture and cuisine.
  • Villa Bredeney: For a luxurious and elegant stay, Villa Bredeney is a top choice. The hotel features beautiful architecture and design, spacious rooms and suites, a gourmet restaurant and a stunning garden.

Ravensberg offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every preference and budget. Whether you are looking for a cozy bed and breakfast or a luxurious hotel, you’ll find plenty of choices to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. With so many options available, you can easily find the perfect place to call home during your visit to this charming town.

Advice: Ravensburg is also known for its delicious cuisine, with many local restaurants serving traditional German dishes. Some of the most popular dishes include Spätzle, a type of pasta made from flour and eggs, and Käsespätzle, a dish that combines Spätzle with melted cheese and onions.

Ravensberg Germany summarized

Discover the charm of Ravensburg at Hotel Ochsen.

All in all, Ravensburg is a delightful town with something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, nature or just want to enjoy the lively atmosphere of a charming German town, Ravensburg is well worth a visit.