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Beautiful Würzburg

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Beauty is naturally evoked by candlelit glamour, from the rising and the setting of the sun that beautifully colours the sky in flawless and unblemished saffron – Welcome to Wurzburg, Germany. This vintage inspired city lies seductively on the smooth curves of the banks of the River Main with its innocuous rustic hues that suggest an heirloom quality of class and grace. Whether you are going on a honeymoon, business trip or simply travelling for holiday, Wurzburg is an impressive blend of medieval lifestyle, breathtaking scenes and contemporary lifestyle.

Different types of climate are experienced ranging from a chilling cold morning to sunny afternoons. The general climate in Würzburg is warm and temperate. The driest month is February. The months of June, July, August and September have conducive weather with a good average temperature and not too much rainfall. On average, the warmest month is July. January is the coolest month while August is the wettest month, thus travelling should be avoided if one does not like too much rainfall.
Nonetheless, with this collection of must-visit sights, your stay in Wurzburg will definitely be worth your while.

The Marienberg Fortress
This magnificent building is the most visible feature of Wurzburg. It dominates all the others and is a prominent landmark that stands unperturbed. Getting to the fortress is a steep climb from the city, although there are benches along the way for resting. The journey however is quite worth it due to its historical richness and breathtaking view, extraordinary interior designs and architectural complexities. You can always join a guided tour, but you have to at least take a tour and see the Scherenberg gate, the oldest church, the temple from the Renaissance period, the dungeon of Tilman Reimenschneider and the Furstengarten. Here you will see remarkable pieces of art and remarkable renowned sculptures. Although some other places are restricted from touring due to renovations taking place, taking a tour in the fortress, eating out in its lovely restaurants and taking pictures in its beautiful gardens will give you priceless memories.

Marienberg Fortress
Marienberg Fortress © kentauros / fotolia

The Wurzburg Residenz
This is an outstanding palace and museum which is also a renowned UNESCO world Heritage site. The palace was recognised by Napoleon, who considered it as the ‘largest parsonage of Europe’. It was damaged in 1945 during World War II, but then restored to its magnificent glory with fine interior masterworks of neoclassical architecture and splendid art of the renowned grand staircase, a vintage chapel and the historical imperial wall. With an entrance fee of about €10.00, you get an amazing tour where all the visitors get different language groups, although taking pictures inside the museum is restricted. The residence is a remarkable museum with a beautiful and free to rest garden to view the breathtaking site.

Wurzburg Residence
Wurzburg Residence © pure-life-pictures / fotolia

Alte Mainbruecke
The German’s oldest bridge that was erected divinely with an intriguing matrix that tells a captivating tale and evoke romance and mystery. Here you get to enjoy other fascinating views that surround the realms of life in Wurzburg. It is a pedestrianised bridge, thus it is also a place where you get to take perfect pictures of the fortresses and the River Main and also mingle with foreigners and locals. It is the best place to enjoy a warm evening with friends or just people-watch as you sip a glass of the Franconia wine available around.

Würzburg Old Bridge
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The Hofgarten
The Wurzburg court gardens are a must visit due to their spectacular laid out style, with a remarkable centre piece of an artificial turquoise crystal clear lake with fountains and an extraordinary sculpture of Pegasus. Other fascinating artistry is also finely placed on the evergreen grass carpeted ground. The garden also boasts with its trees that carry a variety of tropical fruits that are richly coloured and appealing to the eye.

The Wurzburg Cathedral
Anyone will definitely be awed by this home to numerous works of art and medieval intriguing interiors. It houses ancient bishops’ tombs and is a Germans largest Romanesque church. Standing next to the spectacular modern seven-armed candelabra, and the crypt with stained glass is a moment you would not want to miss.

Würzburg Cathedral
Würzburg Cathedral © Frank Wagner / fotolia

This is also an iconic building that houses a remarkable figure of the Virgin and a crucifix and the sarcophagus of the Irish Monk St. Kilian. There is also a memorial stone that commemorates the greatest German poet, Walther Von der Vogelweide, who died in Wurzburg. This remarkable artistry is definitely worth a memory as it gives a clear picture of the rich history Wurzburg.

St. Mary’s Chapel
This is the finest late gothic building in the city. It has splendid doors, tombs and magnificent statues. Its serene and cool atmosphere gives a shrill feeling of the mood surrounding the erection of the chapel and the spiritual perceptions held by the locals and ancient congregation of the chapel. Taking a picture in this chapel is obviously a must to do list during the trip.

The Market square and shopping streets
Enjoy the sun in Wurzburg by getting plenty of local arts and crafts in the Christmas market. It is also a nice place for getting souvenirs as a reminder of your trip. It is also a great place to find the best quality market foods with locally made products. One can always pick up snacks for a later day picnic or even a meal for your travel. It is also a fun place to just sit, eat, and people-watch or even socialise. The beautiful streets have also plenty of stores that sell perfumes, jewellery, antique, stylish accessories, footwear and fashionable clothing both from local and international brands. Therefore, for the shopping lovers, these streets have a variety of options to choose from and will definitely not disappoint due to the diversity of the products available.

Wurzburg Old Town
Old Town © Mapics / fotolia

The Novotel Wurzburg
This top-notch hotel has elegantly refurbished and spacious rooms and multifunction conference facilities for those who are on business travel. It also serves both international cuisine with 24 hour food menu that includes snacks and drinks. At your own pleasure, the hotel also has a relaxing spa with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath to unwind yourself after a long day. These facilities are available at the guest’s request, but are charged differently from the boarding fees. Furthermore, the hotel is close to the city, thus everything else is at a walking distance. The Novotel Wurzburg is definitely the place to be in Wurzburg as it provides everything under one roof – elegance, class, comfort and also convenience.

The Weinhaus Stachel
To get the real feeling of holiday in Wurzburg, it is mandatory to taste real German food. Several restaurants, including the top-notch Weinhaus Stachel will not disappoint. They have menus in English, great ambience, good food and dessert and of course, the excellent traditional variety of wines to choose from. The staff is friendly to help you with the menu and always offering to take you through the menu and explain the local cuisines, ingredients and even cooking methods all through to the ordering process until the guest is comfortable and satisfied.

The Airport Disco club and the Bierkeller Till Eulenspiegel
After a long day of touring and walking in the sun, why not also enjoy the nightlife of Wurzburg too? The Airport Disco club is famous for its wonderful parties, colourful and modern dance floors and good music, especially for those who love house music, where one can have fun till dawn. The Bierkeller Till Eulenspeiegel is an amazing underground bar? It has table booths of all sizes that cater for group privacy. It is also known for its wonderful selection of beers, both on draught and in bottles. It is fun and friendly with even Karaoke Tuesdays. If you are in Wurzburg and you are out for a drink or to party and wish to let loose, these are definitely the places to go.

The juliusspital winery
Wurzburg is famously known for its wine vineyards, cellars and wineries including the famous Franconianwines and the bocksbeutel. The Juliusspital winery is the second largest wine estate in Germany and fosters a cultural heritage, where wines that have long enjoyed world renown are produced. Take the opportunity to learn about the methods used in producing local wine from the masters, and the beautiful history that surrounds the wine plants. Of course the locals are always kind enough to offer wine tasting from the local cellar thus one is lucky enough to enjoy original and fresh wine. There is also a wine store adjacent to this winery so guests can always purchase locally produced wine directly as gifts.

Bassori Restaurant
When one needs a quiet and cosy place in Wurzburg and enjoy a nice cup of rich flavoured coffee, the Bassory restaurant is the right place. It also gives you a clear and calm scene of the city. It also serves a variety of salads, snacks, refreshments and pastries. Take-away meals are also available.