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Laser Tag Bremen: An Exciting Indoor Experience

If you’re planning a group activity in Bremen, you should look into laser tag. It’s an immersive experience that provides you with a lot of fun. Also, it’s a perfect opportunity to bond with your team!

Laser Tag – How does it work?

You haven’t played laser tag yet? No problem – it’s fairly easy to learn! All you need is a quick introduction from the staff members, and you can get started.

Before the actual game starts, the group is split into two different teams and gets equipped with one weapon each. Every player has 100 imaginary health points with a total of five lives once the game starts.

Getting shot by one of the other team member means you lose health points. Once you’ve lost all of your 100 health points, you also lose one of your five lives. In order to keep participating in the game, you’ll have to respawn. There are different respawn points you can run to. This is where one of the staff members will wait for you to send you back to the field. However, losing all five lives equals to you being out of the game, with no chance of respawning.

For additional fun: once you “kill” one of the other team members, your gun will record this kill. This means you can count your own kills after the match and see who the winner is when it comes to individual kills!

Laser Tag Bremen – The Pros and Cons

Everything has both up- and downsides. If you specifically dislike very fast activities that require you to react quickly, and you rather prefer a cosy evening with friends, laser tag might not be for you. This is why here are some facts you should consider beforehand:

Reasons to play laser tag in Bremen:

  • As much fun as paintball – but without the pain!
  • A perfect bonding experience, because the team with the best teamwork and communication wins!
  • An immersive experience – you can let go of all your worries for the time being!
  • Tons of fun – while playing laser tag, you need to be very present and combined with the teamwork, you will definitely have a good time!
  • Perfect for a rainy day – the best indoor activity you can find in Bremen!
  • Something special – you are looking for an exciting activity for your family holiday or birthday? Laser tag is your go-to activity!

Why you might choose something else:

  • You just have one day in the city of Bremen – have a look around, Bremen is beautiful and has a lot to offer! There’s laser tag in many other cities, for example in Berlin.
  • You’re on a solo city trip – for laser tag, you need to be a minimum of 2 people, but the more, the merrier!
  • You prefer a chill day – laser tag is fun, but you do have to be very active during the game to make the most out of it.

Best Places for Laser Tag in Bremen

In Bremen, you can find five different locations for laser tag. Two of them are close to the city centre, three a bit further out.

  • In the city centre: Laser Sky and Laser Heroes
  • Other locations: Laser Heroes am Weserpark, Lasertag Delmenhorst and Lasertag Ritterhude

But which one should you choose? While the ones in the centre are easier to reach if you’re staying in Bremen, the other locations might be just as good if you’re coming by car. The prices are pretty similar – usually around 7 euros per game for each player. With a member card, you can even save a small amount.

Best Alternatives in Bremen

Walking trail along the river to the stadium
  • Sightseeing: Bremen is known to be a beautiful historic city! If you just have a few days, you should definitely have a look around the different city districts. Other beautiful German cities are listed here.
  • Shopping: The city of Bremen has a lot of shopping places you should check out! While you can walk through the historic streets on a sunny day, there are also plenty of options in case it’s raining. The best place for a rainy day is the Weserpark – a huge shopping center right next to one of the laser tag locations!
  • Walk along the river: There’s a beautiful river promenade not far from the city center. Walking along this promenade will take you to the football stadium. You might even watch a game while you’re here! The current matches can be found on the bundesliga-website.
  • Fishing: At specific parts of the river, you are also able to go fishing. Have a look here into the best fishing gear for beginners.
  • Dining in: If you’re unsure about which restaurant to pick – this article about the best places to eat in Bremen might help!

Laser Tag Bremen in Short

All in all, laser tag is the perfect group activity for a rainy day. If you are up for some fun and excitement, you should definitely try laser tag. In Bremen, there are five different locations for laser tag, so you can pick the location which is closest to your accommodation or most convenient in general.

FAQ: Laser Tag Bremen

Is laser tag the right choice for me?

Laser tag is best suited for a group of people who are looking for some fun and excitement. It’s a perfect bonding experience and ideal for a special occasion. Everyone can play it – you don’t need any specific skills!

Where can I find laser tag in Bremen?

There are five different laser tag locations in Bremen – two in the centre, one next to the Weserpark, one in Delmenhorst and one in Ritterhude.

What are indoor activities in Bremen?

Apart from laser tag, you can also hit the shopping centre. The best place to start is in the Weserpark where you can also find one of the laser tag locations. Other fun indoor activities in Bremen include bowling and indoor climbing.