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Ulm – Lovely City on the River Danube

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Welcome to the South West of Germany in the federal German state of Baden-Wurttemberg where you find Ulm, the city that hosts the tallest of all Church steeples in the world. This city is historic and, apart from that, it is admired for being one of the most fulfilling tour destinations in Germany. The city is organised with well-coordinated transport system, a vast number of hotels and thrilling places to visit and not forgetting all the fun things to do just to make holidays and vacations enjoyable around the city.

For foreigners, you can easily communicate with the inhabitants of Ulm with a basic understanding of the language since standard German can be understood by everyone. However, some of the people are well conversant with English.

When to Visit Ulm
Ulm is a city that welcomes everyone at any time of the year, but for touring purposes, it is best for one to choose a time that best fits their desires and when the weather is at its best. The spring months are the most preferred times to visit Ulm since the atmosphere is usually amazing and welcoming too. As a tip, touring Ulm could be more delightful when there are events taking place, you can tour Ulm in the mid of July through to the end of the month. This is the time that Ulm takes a whole week to celebrate its cultural heritage as a Free Imperial City.

Other events include Narrensprung, Einstein Marathon at the end of September, Farmers’ Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays and the list goes on. Visiting the city at this periods will be of so much benefit as you get to learn about Ulm and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Ulm in the evening
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What to Do In Ulm
When you are not in the club at night, then you are out in the town during the day doing something interesting, like climbing the Ulmer Münster`s church steeple which is 768 steps high. There are a lot of other fun things you can do in Ulm city to make your tour or vacation pleasing. You can take a tour around the city`s architectural buildings like the Ulm Munster and the Ulm City Hall, you can visit historical sites and museums like the Leaning House and the Ulm Museum, and if you are religious then a visit to Pauluskirche won’t hurt.

Ulm Minster
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A visit to the Fischerviertel (Fishermen Quarter) is also highly recommended.

Ulm Fishermen Quarter
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Water Mill in Ulm
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Where to Stay
Touring Ulm won’t be a bad idea if you plan to spend a lot of time there. There is plenty of accommodation services for the city dwellers. Ulm is equipped with enough stylish hotels and restaurants within the city and its surroundings. Hotels around the city offer quality and affordable hospitality accompanied with amenities such as free parking, meeting rooms, spas, pools, and much more. Hotel Ibis, iQ-Hotel, Comfor hotel and Hotel Engel are just but a few of the classy hotels in the city and they provide quality services to their clients. If a hotel is not your choice of accommodation then you can opt for the holiday homes and flats for people visiting the city and the surroundings. The rental houses are available for both short or long-term stay and they are affordable.

Nightlife in Ulm
Nightlife in Ulm is just awesome owing to the large number nightclubs and bars across the city. You will feel really comfortable in a bar like Rosebottle, for example. Most of the bars and clubs are well decorated and built in fashionable ambience. Night concerts and events also rock the nights in Ulm. To top it up, security is not at great problem, your safety will not be compromised when you are in the city so you should not be so worried as long as you maintain a little bit of caution and manners. Asking the locals about the current security situation in the area can helpful.

What to Eat
There is time for everything, and feasting is one of the things time takes into consideration. If you are not going to Ulm to fast then glory be to God, there is plenty of local traditional dishes you can feast on in the beautiful town of Ulm. Step into restaurants like Home of Tradition, which claims to be one of the oldest in the city, and you will be pleased to find traditional Swabish dishes like wiener schnitzel being served with spätzle.

There is more of the nice delicacies within the city`s restaurants. A few of the delicacies are the Maultaschen served with caramelised onion and speck, Zwiebelrostbraten served with Käsespätzle, Semmelknudels which can be served with mushroom sauce or served as a side dish, and the local bread known as Brezel. The prices for the dishes are realistic so anyone can easily afford a decent meal. If you get along with beer, Ulm too has its own kind of beer to be proud of. The local beer such as Weissbier and Kellerbier will easily get along with beer fans. Is life not fun in Ulm?

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Kasspatzle © kab-vision / Fotolia
Maultaschen – Swabian Ravioli © kab-vision / Fotolia
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Where to Shop
Every town or city in this world has a marketplace, a shop or a supermarket just like Ulm. The main shopping street begins at the train station and leads to the famous Ulmer Münster church. There are a lot of shops near Ulm Minister in the old city centre where one can purchase a variety of goods. Along some of the Ulm‘s vibrant shopping streets, like the Hirsch-/Bahnhofsstrasse street, you will find specialist shops, stores, bookshops and even goldsmiths. The largest shopping mall, Blautalcenter, is located near the city centre. It is built with over a hundred restaurants and shops where one can easily shop for everything they need. Almost everything one needs can be found in the city centre`s markets and specialists shops so even finding something interesting to take back home can’t be a hard task.

Transport in Ulm
Commuting within and around Ulm town is another great thing that can make touring the town enjoyable. Ulm is generally organised and the transport sector is nothing like boring traffic jams accompanied by hiked fare prices. Local trains and buses provide transport to the public. The public transport system is nicely developed and to make moving around even more pleasing, you can use different means of transport using a single ticket with prices of the tickets varying according to the number of zones you cross. Using private transport in Ulm is also a good choice since there is ample parking for vehicles in the town.

Ulm is generally a touring destination worth a visit. The city is welcoming, the people are friendly, the atmosphere is fine, and almost everything in it is enchanting.