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Bad Aibling – Relaxing in a gorgeous Spa Town

Bad Aibling nearby
Wendelsteinmassiv near Bad Aibling © foehnsturm81_by / Fotolia

Bad Aibling is a Bavarian spa town in the very south of Germany, not far from the Austrian border and around 56km southeast of Munich. It’s a charming town, home to many idyllic scenes and picturesque architecture. It’s here where the Glonn Creek meets the Mangfall river, which curves lazily through the nearby landscape.

Bad Aibling is a town fiercely dedicated to both its history and to moving forwards. This combination of tradition and cool modernity is best reflected by its main spa, which is the true heart of the place. This spa – and some others in the area – use locally-sourced peat in some treatments. The peat is nutrient-rich and used in the treatment of everything from skin conditions to arthritis.

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What To See

The number one attraction in town is the Therme spa. This incredible building, with surprisingly stunning architecture, has a vast range of treatments on offer. Whatever your needs, there is something here for you. From children’s pools, to healing water pools, to sauna houses, to peat baths, there’s a range here that guarantees everyone will be leaving relaxed and refreshed. The spa is especially beautiful at night. You can either bring your own food, or purchase good quality fare from the in-house restaurant.

The local Kurpark is something to behold, and perfect for whiling away an evening relaxing in nature. Of particular note is the lake, which is a lovely sight.

In the middle of Kurpark sits Kurhaus, which holds various events and concerts. These are numerous throughout the year, but they are especially regular around weekends. With friendly service and good food, an evening at Kurhaus is guaranteed to be enjoyable.

For the adventurous traveller, the local Wakebase offers numerous water sports, or there’s an ice rink close to the Therme spa. Both provide excellent friendly service.

Maxlrain Castle near Bad Aibling
Maxlrain Castle near Bad Aibling © ah_fotobox / Fotolia

For a quiet afternoon, visit the Heimatmuseum, a museum of local history. It houses local findings as well as furniture, objects, and valuable crafts. The crown jewel of the museum is the completely reconstructed workshop of a barrel binder, and there’s a simply gorgeous fresco of the town market as seen in the 1700s on the front of the building. The museum is open for only a few hours on Friday and Sunday afternoons, so plan carefully for your visit.

Those travelling with kids would do well to visit Krokodo, an indoor playground. The place is always positively buzzing with the excitement of delighted children, and there’s a stylish coffee lounge on site for the grown ups to relax in.

The landscape of Southern Bavaria is stunning, and particularly around the town of Bad Aibling. If you’d like to see more of it, take a stroll along the river Mangfall. If you head east, you can walk all the way to nearby Rosenheim, with plenty of convenient stops along the way. Don’t worry; there are buses to take you home if you tire yourself out.

Mangfall River
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When To Visit

There’s no bad time to visit, though winter is chilly! August and September are generally the most popular months with tourists, and of the two, August has the best weather, with average heights around 23 degrees Celsius.

The region is home to many fantastic events, and it may be in your interests to plan your visit around these if possible. The Echelon open air festival is the biggest in Bavaria, and particularly fantastic.

What To Eat

The region is home to enough gastronomic delights to make any foodie tear up with joy. Try dishes such as Obatzter, a dish made from pungent ripe Camembert, or Stecklerfisch, which is succulent barbecued mackerel.

Bavarian Obatzter
Bavarian Obatzter cheese © kab-vision / Fotolia

No visit to any Bavarian town is complete without trying Weißwurst, a popular white sausage made from ground veal and bacon. The snack is so beloved that Germans regularly joke about the Weißwurst equator – the line across Germany below which Weißwurst rules all. Weißwurst is traditionally eaten with the hands after being cut in half lengthways, and is usually dipped in sweet mustard.

Wheat-based products are popular and of fantastic quality. Try a Knödel, the German word for dumpling, which comes in a huge range of flavours. German breads are notorious for their high quality, and Bavaria is no exception. Best of all, try a proper Bavarian pretzel. Far from the pretzels we might have, these are doughy, weighty things, fresh-made and beyond compare.

Pork with Bavarian Knodel
Pork with Bavarian Knodel © karepa / Fotolia

Another fine local speciality is Schweinshaxe, which is pork knuckle usually served with a large potato dumpling. The knuckle is cooked in such a way that the skin turns to crispy pork rind and the meat becomes impeccably tender.

Where To Stay

Bad Aibling has a variety of accommodation available, including hotels and holiday apartments. Three star hotels will set you back around £75 on average, and provide excellent hospitality.

For a more luxurious stay, try the four star Schelmer Hof. The hotel has two restaurants, both serving fresh Bavarian cuisine. The hotel’s indoor pool is bright and airy. There is a spacious garden with a children’s playground, and a large spa on-site with a full range of facilities. Prices average around £120 a night for a double room.


Bad Aibling has a centrally-located train station, which serves as the main transport hub for the town. Trains to other cities are regular and fares are reasonably priced.

There are bus stops throughout the town, with reliable services to nearby towns and villages as well as the city of Rosenheim.

Bad Aibling is a compact town and for transport around the town itself, the best option is often to walk or cycle. The local architecture is scenic and the people friendly, so it’s always a pleasant journey.


Most shopping opportunities lie just north-east of the train station. There’s an interesting variety, with everything from traditional clothing stores to Magicpapa, a store which sells trading card games and other geeky paraphernalia.

Particularly interesting are the stylish children’s second hand store, KINDERKRAM, and the cutesy homeware store, Josef Pentenrieder.

Bad Aibling has excellent transport links with the nearby city of Rosenheim, a cultural hub for the region, which has an extensive offering of stores.


Despite its small size, Bad Aibling has plenty of pubs and bars, and there’s something to suit every taste. To party like a local, rent a cycle and spend an afternoon cycling between venues, ordering a Radler (a mix of beer and lemonade, considered light enough that you will not be too inebriated to cycle) at each place.

The locals’ favourite venue is Savanne, which is adored for its casual vibe and helpful staff. It’s open from 7pm until last midnight every day, and the menu is huge, with a lot of local beers.