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Gorgeous Harz Mountains

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By possessing the highest elevations of northern Germany, Harz is a great spot for people seeking adventures, calm nature and great landscapes aside from busy cities. Located in the heart of Germany, the mountains of Harz (the Brocken with 1141m/3744 ft. being the highest and most well-known of them) offer a breath-taking view above the local forests, which are covered in white during the winter whereas emitting the vivid green leaves during the summer.

We highly recommend a tour to the Hexentanzplace plateau (German for “witches’ dance square”) by taking the gondola in Thale. From the witches’ dance square, you can have an amazing view to the Bode valley – a view you will immediately fall in love with. The Bode valley itself is able to fascinate its audience by its untouched appearance and its authentic little waterfalls.

Hexentanzplatz Thale
Hexentanzplatz Thale © Lars / fotolia

The national park of Harz (Nationalpark Harz) takes up nearly 10% of the whole Harz region and its literally biggest attraction is the “Brocken”. You can start your hiking tour at one of the official visitor centres of the park, where you can walk through their exhibitions and learn about the flora and fauna of the park as well as they can provide you with information for the perfect Harz experience. You can visit their website for more information regarding opening hours and possible fees as well as a beautiful first impression of the park:

Brocken Hiking
Hiking at Brocken © ohenze / fotolia

If you prefer a bike tour, we are glad to inform you that the Harz possesses several signed-out bike routes, where you can either cycle around the whole Harz region as well as throughout the forests and mountains. Is the summer too hot for you or do you simply enjoy water sports? Due to the several dams within the Harz, a lot of reservoirs can be found, in which most of them water sports like kayaking and canoeing are allowed.
Even though it isn’t that well known for winter activities, Harz is a great place to do winter sports meaning that it might not be as crowded in the winter as more popular spots.

Without having to forgo the unbelievable nature that Harz has to offer, a little break could be made while travelling on the Harzer Schmalspurbahn, the famous steam railway which connects the Harz with the surrounding towns and villages. Not only for children the journey will be unforgettable, as the journey is seemingly also a travel back in time, when steam trains were still common. For further information about the steam railway visit their Webpage:

Harz Train
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Already being in a nostalgic mood, the small towns adjacent to Harz will only reinforce this feeling with their stunning old towns and timbered houses – the traditional houses, which are probably the most typical and most often associated with Germany. To process all the beauty seen in the journey or maybe just to relax from the everyday life and stress, you could take advantage of the numerous wellness and spa possibilities.

In case you are courageous and curious you might consider trying the Harzer Käse – the typical cheese from the Harz. While its smell being famous (and by famous we mean its characteristic smell), its taste and especially its high protein and low fat composition is appreciated among a lot of people. If you don’t like it, no worries as you won’t starve. You can find a lot of good restaurants here, where you can find food for every taste.

Harzer cheese
Harzer cheese © photocrew / Fotolia

We hope we could show you that Harz is a travel destination worth trying out, so see for yourselves and give it a try – you will definitely not regret it!