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Touring Tegernsee, Germany

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Tegernsee is a town located on the shore of Lake Tegernsee in the south of Bavaria. Tegernsee is popular in all of Germany for the peaceful experience of nature it provides. Thus, the town is referred to as the spa town. The most fascinating fact about the town is its location. It is situated within the Bavarian Alps, surrounded by very beautiful shores, valleys and mountains. This unique natural beauty of the town is known to attract thousands and thousands of tourists both local and foreign. Tegernsee boomed as one of the most famous touring destinations in Germany when King Maximilian I visited the town in the 19th century.

In addition to its natural beauty, the town is also characterised by ideal climatic condition suitable for various fun activities such as surfing, sailing, water skiing and basking on the sunny shores among other fun and exciting activities. During winter, the beauty of the town lies in the russet clad trees which provide a beautiful contrast to the snow-capped mountains. Even then, tourists can enjoy fun activities such as ice skating, sledging, curling as well as a simple pleasant walk through a snowy landscape.

Popular touring sights

Lake Tegernsee

The town has a lot to offer when it comes to touring sights. The gorgeous Lake Tegernsee is on top of that list. The view of the lake is magical as it is surrounded by a picturesque mountain which acts as some protection. The view of the lake from the top of the mountain is breathtaking. The size of the lake makes it easy to explore from either side. It is surrounded by a number of villages whose inhabitants live in typical chalet buildings. These buildings contribute towards the beautiful setting as they are decorated with beautiful flowers flowing from the balconies. The lake is a sport for most swimmers and yachters. During summer, the lake has crystal clear water which is perfect for activities such as swimming and sailing. Tourists can also enjoy paddle boat rides.

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Relaxing at Tegernsee Germany
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Olaf Gulbransson Museum

This is a rather small but interesting museum that mainly consists of the works of Olaf Gulbransson, an artist from Norway. His art is a reflection of his view and the cultural events around him. His art covers a variety of issues in the society including politics among others. It is fun learning about the history of Germany as well as Norway through art. The museum is found in a modern building just around the main lake side road. The museum also contains the art collection from the local artists of Tegernsee.

Benedictine Monastery

Benedictine Abbey has received recognition as one of the most productive cultural centres in Germany. The large Benedictine Monastery is located on the eastern shore of the lake. The entire complex is known as Schloss Tegernsee and it features the parish Church of saint Quirinus, the Abbey Church, the south and north wing. In the north wing of this complex is one of German’s oldest brewery. This is definitely one of the interesting places in the town.

Monte Mare Tegernsee

Monte Mare Tegernsee is a small prestigious place where tourists can take a moment to rest. Located right on the edge of the lake, Monte Mare provides a clean and friendly environment for tourists to relax a bit. This place is the best for breaking from the normal routine whether it’s during the day or at night. The most exciting part about this special place is that tourists can enjoy picturesque views of the mountain as well as the lake during the day and at night they can enjoy the view of submerged lights through many colours.


This place offers the best setting for an outdoor activity including trekking, climbing, and jumping with paraglide. For tourists who are not particularly interested in hiking can use cable cars as a quicker and easier means to reach to the top of the mountain for more amazing views. In addition, there is a hotel for those seeking to relax and enjoy the lovely scenery. To ensure safety of the tourists, the cables are regularly inspected. During winter, tourists get to enjoy sledging along one of the largest natural slides in Germany.

Wallberg Cable Car Tegernsee
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Suitable season to tour

The best part about travelling to Tegernsee is that no matter what season it is, tourists will have a great and memorable trip. The town’s beautiful natural sites are not seasonal and, therefore, tourists can visit any time. However, if a tourist wishes to get the complete experience of this wonderful town, it is recommended that they visit during summer. During the summer season, tourists enjoy basking in the sun by the shore of the lake, swimming, surfing as well as sailing. They also get to experience mountain climbing and hiking along Tegernsee valley. These are just some of the many activities tourists can enjoy during summer. During winter, tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of snow covering the landscape. They can also engage in fun activities including ice skating and sledging among others.


There is plenty of accommodation for those touring Tegernsee ranging from country inns to elegant five star hotels. The success and thrive in the tourism sector has not affected the price levels of accommodation and restaurants. Tourists are therefore in a position to enjoy comfort and relax in various accommodations places at reasonable prices. There are plenty of options when it comes to accommodations and various websites offer assistance to tourists seeking accommodations. Individuals can look for and find an ideal accommodation that is within their travel budgets. Tourists visiting the town can select accommodations in places that are of interest to them such as by the lake side among others. Accommodation in Seehotel Luitpold, Der Westerhof Tegernsee, and Das Tegernsee offer a spectacular view of the lake. Other accommodation places include Aparthotel Fackler, Hotel Bachmair Weissach among others.

Shopping places

There are many shops, malls, supermarkets and stores in Tegernsee. Street merchants are also popular in the town selling variety of products. In most cases, malls are the best places to go for shopping, especially if you are not very familiar with the place. The malls will probably have everything you are looking for including clothes, sports gear, jewelry, shoes, foods and drinks among other items. In Tegernsee, there are small shops in historic buildings such as Rottach-Egern that sell a wide selection of modern art, fashionable clothes for men and women, sportswear and equipment among other products. Other popular shopping areas are the Tegernseer Valley, which offers the finest commodities to its customers, and Bad Wiessee which is the place for numerous shopping opportunities. Tourists can begin their shopping experience at the famous historic street to the prestigious shopping places in the town.

Cuisines to look forward to

Food is considered a huge part of the German culture. As such, tourists look forward to enjoying and exploring the German cuisine. Typical foods in Tegernsee include the famous Bratwurst which is normally a sausage made of pork, beef or veal. Sauerbraten is another famous dish that is made of different meats and is mostly served during winter. Tourists also look forward to leberkase, a typical German cuisine which is made of corn beef but in some cases it could also include pork and onions. Most of the German cuisine is made of meat but Spatzle is purely a vegetarian type of food made of eggs, flour and salt.

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German Kasspatzle
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German Sauerbraten
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Bratwurst with Sauerkraut
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Having fun in Tegernsee is not limited to day time as there are fun activities to engage in at night as well. Places that tourists can go to enjoy themselves during the night include Sassa Bar, Leeberghof, and Casablanca Tegernsee. Tegernsee is the home for the largest brewery in Germany and thus a favourite place for beer lovers. These nightclubs and restaurants are also known to have other fun and exciting activities including enjoying the music. Hot air balloons are also a popular fun activity enjoyed at night by most tourists.