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5 Beautiful Spots for Fishing in Germany

Fishing spots in Germany range from those suitable for catching trout to those more suited to catching mountain salmon. Around Germany’s major cities, you’ll find the majority of the country’s fishing spots, such as over a hundred lakes, open mines full of water, and rivers. While waiting for a bite, you can pass some time by enjoying the picturesque view or playing online games fitting to the theme, for instance, Fishin Frenzy Slot.  With that said, let’s look at some of Germany’s most beautiful fishing spots.


With its numerous islands, Lake Chiemsee, is a popular tourist destination in Germany and is encircled by the Chiemgau Alps. Tourists can board fishing- or sightseeing-boats anytime from the coast to the islands. In the 19th century, great artists captured the landscape’s grandeur in paintings. While traditional fishing vessels may have been replaced by pleasure craft, it is still a great spot for fishing a variety of fishes while also enjoying a beautiful scenery. The maximum depth of this lake is 73 metres, covering 8000 hectares. You can fish for char, bream, carp, eel, perch, trout, zander, and pike.


The consensus is that Lake Walchensee is one of the deepest Alpine lakes in Germany. The lake has a diameter of approximately 16 kilometres and a depth of roughly 200 metres. The clearness of the lake’s water is remarkable. This fishing location is a thermic machine because it is situated more than 800 metres above sea level and framed by a breathtaking vista. To fish here, you will be required to obtain a fishing licence, for which you can get more details in the nearby tourist offices or online.

Lake Starnberg

Because of the abundance of fish, Lake Starnberg in Bavaria’s Five-Lakes Region is a popular destination for fisherman. Carp, eel, perch, pike, trout, whitefish, and zander are all available. Lake Starnberg is the second largest of Germany’s lakes, behind Lake Constance, because of its average deep depth (which is not entirely on German territory). The Roseninse is close to the western shore, south of Possenhofen.

Rhine River

‌You are allowed to go fishing on the banks of the Rhine so long as you have a valid fishing permit. The mouths of rivers and canals in the Rhine region make for productive fishing grounds, because the Rhine is home to a diverse population of fish. It is possible to catch eels, pikeperch, perch, and pike, in addition to carp, roach, and stickleback. As always, fish smaller than the legal minimum must be reset, and nets are prohibited. Local fishing stores sell the fishing permits as well as bait and other equipment.

Danube River

‌In Germany, the Danube is a prime fishing spot. Many fish and other aquatic creatures make their home in this river. The ecosystem found in the Danube River is unparalleled in terms of biodiversity. There are many species of fish in the river, including some of the best in the world for anglers: pike, zander, welsh catfish, tench, carp, sturgeon, salmon, and trout. On top of that, the Danube delta is home to a wide variety of rare Euryhaline fish species.


The Elbe River, Birresborn, and The Ammersee are just a few of Germany’s other picturesque fishing spots. However, Germany has relatively stringent fishing regulations, so it is recommended to inform yourself about any kind of permits or termorary licences before heading out on that fishing expedition.