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Top 20 Most impressive cathedrals in Germany

Church of the Redeemer in Bad Homburg
Church of the Redeemer in Bad Homburg © pure-life-pictures / fotolia


Some of the most beautiful cathedrals and churches in the world are located all over Germany.

Even if you are not into religion at all, you will be impressed by the sheer size or beauty of these stunning buildings.

Let’s take a look at our top 20 most impressive cathedrals and churches in Germany:

20. Berlin Cathedral (“Berliner Dom”)

Berlin Cathedral
© orpheus26 / fotolia

19. St. Mary’s Church, Lübeck (“Marienkirche”)

St. Mary's Church Lübeck
© thorabeti / fotolia

18. Cathedral of Our Dear Lady, Munich (“Frauenkirche”)

Munich Cathedral of Our Dear Lady Frauenkirche
© Asvolas / fotolia

17. Aachen Cathedral (“Aachener Dom”)

Aachen Cathedral
© jotily / fotolia

16. Aula Palatina, Trier (“Konstantinbasilika”)

Aula Palatina Trier Kontantinbasilka
© pure-life-pictures / fotolia

15. Speyer Cathedral (“Speyerer Dom”)

Speyer Cathedral
© TA-Photographie / fotolia

14. Bonn Minster (“Bonner Münster”)

Bonn Minster
© pure-life-pictures / fotolia

13. Gustav Adolf Stave Church, Goslar (“Gustav-Adolf-Stabkirche”)

Gustav Adolf Stave Church
© mojolo / fotolia

12. Pilgrimage Church of Wies, Steingaden (“Wieskirche”)

Wieskirche Pilgrimage Church Steingaden
© pwmotion / fotolia

11. St. Michael’s Church, Hamburg (“Hauptkirche Sankt Michaelis”)

Hamburg St. Michaels Church
© Ronny Gängler / fotolia

10. Naumburg Cathedral (“Naumburger Dom”)

Naumburg Cathedral
© nmann77 / fotolia

9. Freiburg Minster (“Freiburger Münster”)

Freiburg Minster
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8. Würzburg Cathedral (“Würzburger Dom”)

Würzburg Cathedral
© Frank Wagner / fotolia

7. Mainz Cathedral (“Mainzer Dom”)

Mainz Cathedral
© Fineart Panorama / fotolia

6. St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, Berlin (“St. Hedwig’s Kathedrale”)

St. Hedwig's Cathedral Berlin
© Robert Herhold / fotolia

5. Erfurt Cathedral (“Erfurter Dom”)

Erfurt Cathedral
© sehbaer_nrw / fotolia

4. Ulm Minster (“Ulmer Münster”)

Ulm Minster
© Uwe Albert-Thiele / Fotolia

3. Dresden Frauenkirche

Dresden Frauenkirche
© S Hagebusch / fotolia

2. Cologne Cathedral (“Kölner Dom”)

Cologne Cathedral
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1. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin (“Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche”)

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Berlin
© Frank / fotolia