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Vacation in Saltford

Besides great sights, an interesting history and many exciting destinations, Saltford has a lot more to offer. Here you will find many helpful tips to enjoy your vacation in Saltford.

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Sights in Saltford

Saltford is a modestsized town near Bristol in England’s southwest. It is picturesquely set between the Avon River and the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, and is home to a surprising number of historical sites and outdoor activities given its size.

The Romanbuilt Saltford Marina is likely the town’s most wellknown landmark. The marina was built in the 4th century AD and is one of the bestpreserved Roman structures in the UK. Visitors can take a selfguided tour of the marina, which includes a reconstructed Roman bathhouse.

Just down the river from the marina is St. Anne’s Well, a natural spring that has been used as a public water source since the Middle Ages. The well is surrounded by a beautiful garden, and is a popular spot for picnics.

Another popular spot for outdoors enthusiasts is the Avon Wildlife Trust’s Kelston Round Hill reserve. The reserve is home to a variety of wildlife, including badgers, foxes, and numerous bird species. There are also several miles of walking and hiking trails.

For those interested in Saltford’s history, the town has a number of interesting sites. The prehistoric Saltford brass rubbing centre is a mustsee. The centre contains a collection of more than 100 medieval brasses, as well as a workshop where visitors can create their own brass rubbings.

Saltford Manor is another notable historical site. The manor was built in the 12th century and has been owned by a number of prominent families over the centuries. The manor is now a hotel, but visitors can still explore the grounds, which include a medieval dovecote and an 18thcentury folly.

Finally, no visit to Saltford would be complete without taking a walk along the Bristol and Bath Railway Path. The path is a 13mile long trail that follows the route of a former railway line. The trail offers stunning views of the Avon River and the surrounding countryside.

History of Saltford

Saltford is a village and civil parish on the River Avon in Bath and North East Somerset, England, about 4mi southwest of the city of Bath.

Vacation in Saltford

Saltford is a town located within the unitary authority area of Bath and North East Somerset in southwest England. The town is situated on the River Avon, approximately 4 miles (6 km) southeast of Bath. According to the 2011 census, Saltford civil parish had a population of 3,077.

The history of Saltford can be traced back to the Roman era. A bathhouse was discovered in Saltford in 1879 and is now thought to be the largest Roman baths complex in Britain. The remains of the bathhouse are now a grade II listed building.

In the Middle Ages, Saltford was an important crossing point of the River Avon. A bridge was built across the river in 1373, which was replaced by a stone bridge in 1539. This bridge was in turn replaced by a suspension bridge in 1836, which was destroyed by floods in 1968. A new concrete bridge was built in its place.

During the Second World War, an American military hospital was located in Saltford. The hospital cared for over 12,000 patients during the course of the war.

Today, Saltford is a popular tourist destination due to its close proximity to Bath. The town is home to a number of pubs and restaurants, as well as a number of historic buildings and monuments.

There are a number of vacation possibilities in Saltford. One option is to visit the Roman baths complex. The complex includes the remains of the bathhouse, as well as a museum and visitor centre. Another possibility is to take a walk or cycle along the River Avon. There are a number of walking and cycling trails that follow the river through Saltford.

If you are looking for a more active vacation, there are a number of golf courses in and around Saltford. There are also a number of horse riding stables in the area, making it a great destination for a country break.

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