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Vacation in Midwest City

Midwest City is located in the state of Oklahoma and has a lot of culture to offer as well as great sights and interesting destinations. So if you’re planning a trip to Midwest City, you’ve come to the right place!

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Vacation in Midwest City

Midwest City is a perfect vacation destination for those who love the great outdoors. The city offers a variety of outdoor activities for all ages, from hiking and biking trails to fishing and canoeing. campgrounds. There are also several golf courses in the city, as well as a number of parks and playgrounds.

In addition to its outdoor attractions, Midwest City also has a number of museums and historic sites. The most popular museum in the city is the Rose State College Planetarium, which offers shows and exhibits on astronomy and space science. The city is also home to the Oklahoma City Zoo, the Safaripark Stukenbrock, and the Science Museum Oklahoma.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed vacation, Midwest City has a number of shops and restaurants, as well as a number of art galleries. The city also offers a number of events and festivals throughout the year, including the Celebration of Lights in December and the Festival of the Arts in April.

Sights in Midwest City

Midwest city is a place of natural beauty and history. The first settlers to the area were the Mound Builders who lived in the area for over 1,000 years. Their descendants, the Kickapoo and Shawnee Indians, were the first people to call the Midwest home. In the early 1800s, settlers from the East came to the Midwest in search of new land and opportunity. These settlers brought with them their own culture and way of life, which quickly began to blend with that of the Native Americans.

The city of Midwest has a rich history that can be seen in its many museums and historical landmarks. The Frontier Country Museum is a great place to learn about the early settlers of the area, as well as the Native Americans who lived here before them. The Museum of Native American Art is another mustsee for history buffs, as it houses a collection of artifacts and artwork from the various tribes that have called the Midwest home.

For those looking to get outdoors, there are plenty of options in Midwest City. The city has several parks, including the popular Town Center Park, which features a playground, Splash Pad, basketball courts, and walking trails. There is also Hughberts Park, which has a disc golf course, as well as aSplash Pad and playground. The city also has a 9hole golf course, which is perfect for a round with friends or family.

Whether you’re interested in history, the outdoors, or just want to find a place to relax, Midwest City has something for everyone. Come and experience all that this vibrant city has to offer!

History of Midwest City

The city of Midwest City began as a dream of Charles E. Bartles. Bartles, a land developer, was determined to create a “perfect” suburb for postWorld War II veterans and their families. His vision for Midwest City was a community that would not only provide quality homes and schools, but also jobs and recreation. Bartles purchased 1,360 acres of land just east of Oklahoma City in an area that was then mostly farmland. He divided the land into 2,500 home sites and began selling lots for $495 each. To entice buyers, Bartles offered free gas hookups and free trash pickup. He also provided a free oneyear membership to the Midwest City Chamber of Commerce to every buyer.

The first families moved into Midwest City in 1946. Bartles himself moved into the first house built in the development, a fourbedroom home on South Air Depot Boulevard. The first years in Midwest City were difficult ones. There were no stores or businesses, and the only school was a oneroom building. But Bartles’ dream was beginning to take shape. In 1948, the first grocery store opened, followed by a hardware store and a drug store. That same year, the MidDel School District was created, and construction began on Midwest City High School.

The 1950s were a time of tremendous growth for Midwest City. The population soared from 2,000 in 1950 to more than 38,000 by 1960. Hundreds of new homes were built, and new businesses and schools sprang up. The city was booming, and Bartles’ dream had become a reality.

In the 60 years since its founding, Midwest City has continued to grow and thrive. Today, it is home to more than 56,000 residents and is a vibrant, thriving community. Midwest City is still a great place to raise a family, and it continues to be a leader in Oklahoma’s economic development.

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