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Vacation in Margate

Besides great sights, an interesting history and many exciting destinations, Margate has a lot more to offer. Here you will find many helpful tips to enjoy your vacation in Margate.

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Sights in Margate

Margate is a seaside town in the county of Kent in England. It lies on the coast, to the north of Dover and to the east of Canterbury. It is a popular tourist destination, with attractions including the Grade I listed Margate Clock Tower, the restored Tudor house of Sir John Boys, and the centuriesoldShell Grotto. The town has a sandy beach, and is served by Margate railway station.

The first sight of Margate is often its magnificent 12thcentury church, which is built on a chalk hill overlooking the town and harbour. The church has a square tower, with a spire added in the 15th century. The interior of the church is very ornate, with a 19thcentury organ, and stained glass windows.

The Margate Clock Tower is another landmark in the town. It was built in 1856, and is grade I listed. The clock tower is 77 feet tall, and has a viewing platform at the top, from which there are views over the town and sea.

The Tudor house of Sir John Boys is one of the most atmospheric buildings in Margate. It was built in 1525, and is now a museum. The house has a great hall, with a minstrel’s gallery, and a number of original features including a brickbuilt oven and an open fireplace.

The Shell Grotto is a unique attraction in Margate. It is a manmade cavern, decorated with shells and mosaics. The grotto is believed to date from the 18th century, and was discovered in 1835 by workmen digging a sewer. It is now a Grade II listed building.

The beach at Margate is one of the town’s most popular attractions. It is a sandy beach, with a promenade, and is situated close to the town centre. The beach is safe for swimming, and there are a number of lifeguardpatrolled areas.

Margate railway station is located in the town centre, and offers regular services to London and other destinations in Kent. The station is served by highspeed trains, as well as slower local services.

There are a number of hotels and guest houses in Margate, catering for all budgets. There is also a wide range of restaurants and cafes, serving both local and international cuisine.

Margate is a vibrant and historic seaside town, with plenty to see and do. Whether you’re looking for a traditional seaside holiday, or want to explore the town’s history and attractions, Margate is the perfect destination.

History of Margate

Margate is a seaside town in Thanet, Kent, England. The town dates back to the era of the AngloSaxons. It was originally known as Meregate, and then as Margate. The name is thought to derive from the Old English mearc ath, or border, and the gate, meaning gap or opening in the cliff.

The first record of Margate occurred in the Domesday Book in 1086, which recorded it as Margate. The manor was held by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The town was a member of the Cinque Ports, a trade and maritime alliance of towns on the English Channel.

In 1299, Margate was raided by the French. This led to the construction of its first fortification, a square keep built on the site of an earlier structure known as the Bulwark. In 1328, Margate became a parish.

In the mid14th century, catastrophe struck Margate in the form of the Black Death. The town was devastated, with over half of its population wiped out.

In the 15th century, Margate was a thriving port. It was a favourite destination for pilgrims travelling to the Shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury. It was also a popular seaside resort for Londoners seeking to escape the city’s heat and disease.

The 16th century brought further disaster to Margate in the form of the Protestant Reformation. The town’s religious shrines were destroyed and its pilgrim trade was lost.

The 17th century was a period of decline for Margate. The town was sacked by the Dutch in 1667 and its harbour began to silty up.

In the 18th century, Margate began to recover. It became a fashionable seaside resort once again and was frequented by the likes of Samuel Johnson, James Boswell and Horace Walpole.

The 19th century saw Margate cement its reputation as a seaside resort. The coming of the railways made it accessible to a wider range of holidaymakers and its popularity soared.

The 20th century brought further changes to Margate. The town was bombed by the Germans during World War II and its seafront was subsequently rebuilt. Margate also became home to a number of artists and writers, drawn to its bohemian atmosphere.

Today, Margate is a lively and vibrant town with a rich history. Its sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets make it a popular tourist destination, and its creative spirit is evident in its many galleries, shops and cafes.

Vacation in Margate

Margate is a popular seaside resort town in Thanet, Kent, England. It is one of Thanet’s three principal towns, alongside Broadstairs and Ramsgate. Margate has been a vital seaside resort for centuries, and was especially popular in the Victorian era. It was one of the Cinque Ports, and has a sandy beach, Margate Sands. The town is also home to the Margate Caves, which are a network of manmade tunnels created by chalk mining.

There are plenty of things to do in Margate, and the town is wellequipped for tourists. There are numerous hotels, guesthouses, and bed & breakfasts, as well as selfcatering accommodation options. There are also many restaurants, cafes, and bars, as well as a variety of shops. The town is especially wellknown for its traditional fish and chips, which can be found in many of the town’s eateries.

Margate’s main attraction is undoubtedly its sandy beach, which stretches for over seven miles. The beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, beach games, and building sandcastles. There are also a number of deckchairs and parasols available for hire, as well as a beach café. For those looking for a more active holiday, there are plenty of watersports on offer, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. There are also boat tours available, which allow visitors to see Margate from the sea.

Away from the beach, visitors can explore the town’s history and culture. The Margate Caves are a popular tourist attraction, and tours are available throughout the day. The Turner Contemporary art gallery is also worth a visit, and regularly hosts exhibitions by contemporary artists. The Margate Museum is another popular attraction, and chronicles the town’s rich history. For those interested in architecture, the Shell Grotto is a mustsee. The Grotto is a series of underground chambers decorated with shells, and is truly unique.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday or a cultural break, Margate is the perfect destination. With a wealth of things to see and do, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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