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Vacation in Lymm

Besides great sights, an interesting history and many exciting destinations, Lymm has a lot more to offer. Here you will find many helpful tips to enjoy your vacation in Lymm.

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Sights in Lymm

If you love the country then a visit to Lymm in England is a must. This picturesque town has all of the quaint shops, pubs, and restaurants that you would expect from an English countryside town, but it also has plenty of activities to keep you busy.

One of the first places you should visit is St. Peter’s Church. This Anglican church is one of the oldest in the area and has some beautiful architecture. The churchyard is also worth a visit as it is home to the grave of Elizabeth Gaskell, the famous Victorian author.

Next, take a stroll through Lymm Dam. This dam is a great place for a walk or a picnic and is also home to some very rare species of fish. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a kingfisher.

If you’re looking for some more traditional English countryside activities then head to Warburton’s Farm Shop. Here you can pick your own fruit and vegetables, go on a farm tour, and even meet the farm animals.

Lymm also has a rich history and there are plenty of places to explore this. Lymm Heritage Centre is a great place to start and provides an insight into the town’s past. Alternatively, take a walk around Lymm Cross, a medieval wayside cross that used to mark the boundary of the parish.

Finally, no trip to Lymm would be complete without a visit to one of the town’s traditional pubs. The Hare and Hounds and The Eagle and Child are both worth a visit and offer a warm welcome to all visitors.

So, if you’re looking for a charming English countryside town then be sure to add Lymm to your list. With its beautiful sights, rich history, and friendly atmosphere, you’re sure to fall in love with this place.

History of Lymm

Lymm is a village and civil parish in Warrington, Cheshire, England. The village lies on the banks of the River Mersey, at the southern edge of the Cheshire Plain, and on the border with Greater Manchester. It is about 8 miles (13 km) southwest of Warrington, 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Manchester and 49 miles (79 km) northwest of Liverpool.

The earliest known settlement in Lymm was a small Iron Age farmstead, although there is evidence of even earlier occupation in the form of Neolithic flint tools which have been found in the area. The Roman road from Manchester to Chester ran through the village and there was a Roman settlement here, known as Lumnucam.

The village is first mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1066 as Lum, and later in 1182 as Lumleia. It is thought that the name derives from the Old English for ‘pool or marshland’, and refers to the fact that the Mersey floodplain was marshy and prone to flooding.

In 1212, a charter was granted by King John for a weekly market and an annual fair. The market is still held every Thursday, and the fair is now held on the second Saturday in September.

The village grew steadily in the Middle Ages and by the early 1600s it had a population of around 600.

The Lymm Hotel was built in 1712 and is one of the oldest coaching inns in England. It was originally called The Ring o’ Bells and was a popular stopoff for stagecoaches travelling between London and Chester.

The opening of the Bridgewater Canal in 1761 led to a decline in river traffic and the village became less important as a stoppingoff point.

The Industrial Revolution brought changes to the village and in the early 1800s a number of mills were built along the River Mersey. The most important industry was the production of sailcloth, which continued until the mid20th century.

Lymm remained a largely agricultural village until the late 20th century when it became a commuter village for Manchester and Liverpool. It is now a popular tourist destination, with its picturesque setting, interesting history and many traditional pubs and shops.

Vacation in Lymm

Lymm is a village and civil parish in Warrington, Cheshire, England. The population of the civil parish as of the 2011 census was 4,524. The village is on the banks of the River Bollin, northwest of Warrington, and northeast of St Helens. The village is in the Lymm ward of Warrington Borough Council.

There are many hotels in Lymm that make it a great place to stay for a vacation. There are a few bed and breakfasts located in the village as well. If you are looking for something a little more upscale, there are a couple of places to stay in the village that fit that description as well. One option is The Swan Hotel, which is a 4star hotel that offers free WiFi and free parking. There is also an indoor pool, a sauna, and a spa if you are looking to relax during your vacation. Another option for accommodation is Lymm Hotel, which is a 3star hotel located in the village center. This hotel also offers free WiFi and free parking. There are a variety of restaurants located in Lymm, so you will not go hungry during your vacation. There are also a couple of pubs if you are looking for a place to have a drink. When it comes to things to do, there is plenty to keep you busy in Lymm. There are a few parks located in the village, such as Statham’s Lane Recreation Ground and Lymm Dam. If you are looking to do some shopping, there are a few shops located in the village, such as a grocery store, a pharmacy, and a few clothes stores. There is also a library located in Lymm if you are looking to borrow a book or two during your vacation.

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