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Vacation in Frimley

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Sights in Frimley

Frimley is a town in the English county of Surrey. It is located about 32 miles (51 km) southwest of London and 11 miles (18 km) north of Guildford. Frimley is near the junction of the M3 and M25 motorways. The town has a population of about 24,000.

Frimley is best known for its two hospitals, Frimley Park Hospital and Wexham Park Hospital. Frimley Park Hospital is a national centre for heart and lung surgery. Wexham Park Hospital is a major teaching hospital with a accident and emergency department.

Frimley Green is a village in the town of Frimley. It is home to the Royal British Legion and has a war memorial.

The Basingstoke Canal runs through Frimley. The canal was built in the 18th century to transport goods between Basingstoke and London. Today, it is used for leisure activities such as fishing, boating and walking.

Frimley has two railway stations. Frimley railway station is on the mainline from London Waterloo to Reading and beyond. Farnborough North railway station is on the branch line from Ascot to Guildford.

Frimley is twinned with the German town of Bad Münstereifel.

History of Frimley

Frimley is a town in Surrey, England. The town is located in the south east of the county, close to the border with Hampshire. It is situated in the heart of the Blackwater Valley conurbation, close to Camberley, Farnborough and Aldershot. The town has a population of 26,000 people, making it the largest town in the north east of Surrey.

The name Frimley is thought to come from the Old English word frim meaning ‘brushwood’. The town was recorded in the Domesday Book as ‘Fremlei’.

Frimley was originally a small village, but began to grow in the late 18th century when the main London to Winchester road was built through the town. The growth of the town was further boosted in the early 19th century by the coming of the railway. Frimley railway station was opened in 1848, and the town became a popular stopover for stagecoaches and travellers on the London to Winchester route.

Frimley remained a small market town until the mid 20th century, when it began to expand rapidly due to the growth of the nearby towns of Camberley and Farnborough. In the 1950s and 1960s, a number of large housing estates were built in the town, and Frimley’s population more than doubled.

Today, Frimley is a thriving town with a good selection of shops and amenities. The town centre was refurbished in the early 21st century, and a new leisure centre and library were built. There are a number of parks and green spaces in the town, and Frimley is surrounded by countryside.

Vacation in Frimley

Frimley is a town in Surrey, England. It is located in the south of the county, close to the border with Hampshire. The town has a population of around 18,000 people. The town is twinned with the French town of Douai.

Frimley is a popular tourist destination. The town is home to a number of interesting attractions including the Frimley Lodge Visitor Centre, Blacknest Golf Club, and the Frimley Green Recreation Ground.

Frimley Lodge Visitor Centre is a popular tourist attraction. The centre is located in a Victorian lodge and has a number of exhibits about the history of the area.

Blacknest Golf Club is another popular attraction in Frimley. The club has an 18hole golf course and a number of facilities for visitors.

Frimley Green Recreation Ground is a large park in the town. The park is home to a number of sports facilities and a playground.

There are a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts in Frimley. The town also has a number of restaurant and cafes.

Frimley is an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday. The town offers a number of activities for visitors and has a range of accommodation options.

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