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Vacation in Farmington (Connecticut)

Farmington is located in the state of Connecticut and has a lot of culture to offer as well as great sights and interesting destinations. So if you’re planning a trip to Farmington (Connecticut), you’ve come to the right place!

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Vacation in Farmington (Connecticut)

Farmington is a town located in the Farmington Valley of Hartford County, Connecticut, in the United States. As of the 2010 census the town had a total population of 25,340.

Farmington was originally inhabited by the Matabesec Indians, a subgroup of the Algonquin people. The Matabesec settled into the area now known as the Greater Farmington valleys. They continued to live in the area until the 17th century when they were forcibly removed by the Mohawk people of upstate New York. The Mohawk had previously settled in the Hudson River Valley and were looking to expand their territory. After the Matabesec were removed, the Mohawk continued to live in the Farmington area until they too were forced out by the Colony of Connecticut in 1637.

The first European settlers in the area were a group of Puritans from Massachusetts who came to the valley in 1640. The settlers purchased the land from the Mohawk and began clearing the land to build farms. The town was officially incorporated in 1645.

The town’s name comes from the English village of Farmington in Nottinghamshire. The original settlers of Farmington were from Farmington in Nottinghamshire, England.

The town has a long history of farming and agriculture. The Farmington River valley was originally home to many small farms. Over time, these farms grew larger and more commercialized. Today, the town is still home to many farms, although most of them are now largescale operations. The town is also home to several private schools, including Miss Porter’s School, a collegepreparatory school for girls.

Farmington is located in the Hartford metro area and is about 20 miles southwest of downtown Hartford. The town is easily accessible to Interstate 84 and is about a 1hour drive from both Boston and New York City.

Farmington serves as a bedroom community for many people who work in Hartford and the surrounding towns. The town is also home to several corporate headquarters, including Carrier Corporation, Otis Elevator Company, and Carvel Corporation.

There are many things to do in Farmington. The town is home to the HillStead Museum, which is a National Historic Landmark. The museum is home to a collection of Impressionist paintings, as well as a beautiful estate and gardens. The StanleyWhitman House is another historic house museum in the town. The Farmington Historical Society also operates several historic properties, including the Wiley House and the Phelps Tavern Museum.

The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is a popular destination for hikers, cyclists, and joggers. The trail follows the path of the old Farmington Canal, which was built in the early 19th century. The canal was used to transport goods between New Haven and Northampton, Massachusetts. The trail is about 26 miles long and passes through several towns in the Farmington Valley.

The town of Farmington is a great place to visit whether you are looking for history, outdoor activities, or just a quiet place to relax. There is something for everyone in Farmington.

Sights in Farmington (Connecticut)

Farmington is a vibrant, historic community located in the heart of the Farmington Valley in central Connecticut. The town is rich in history and culture, and is home to a variety of businesses and attractions.

The town of Farmington was founded in 1640, and is one of the oldest towns in the state. The town’s name is derived from the English town of Farmington in Somerset. Farmington’s first settlers were members of the Puritan church, and the town was an important stop on the Underground Railroad.

Today, Farmington is a bustling community with a population of over 25,000. The town is home to a variety of businesses, including several restaurants, bars, and shops. There are also several parks and recreational facilities, as well as a public library.

Farmington’s historic downtown is home to several Victorianstyle buildings, including the Farmington Museum, which houses a collection of local artifacts. The town also has a number of live music venues, and hosts a farmers market every Saturday from May through October.

Visitors to Farmington can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. The town is home to a number of trails, including the 9mile Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. The trail runs alongside the Farmington River and passes through several historic towns.

Whether you’re looking to explore its history and culture, or simply want to enjoy the outdoors, Farmington has something for everyone.

History of Farmington (Connecticut)

The first settlers in the area that is now Farmington were the Tunxis, a Native American tribe. They lived here for centuries before the first Europeans arrived. The Tunxis had a village in what is now Farmington called Matianuck. They grew corn, beans, and squash, and hunted and fished for food.

The first European settlers in Farmington were Puritans from England. They arrived in 1640 and founded a town they named Mystic (later renamed Farmington). The Puritans were followed by other settlers from England, and then from Ireland, Italy, and other parts of Europe.

Farmington quickly became an important center of trade and industry. The town had a gristmill, sawmill, blacksmith shop, tannery, and store. Farmington was also the home of a famous clockmaker, Seth Thomas.

In the 1800s,Farmington was a major stop on the Underground Railroad, a network of safe houses and routes that helped runaway slaves escape to freedom in the North.

Today, Farmington is a vibrant, diverse community with a rich history. The town has many historic buildings and sites, including the Tunxis Trail, the Farmington River, and the HillStead Museum.

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