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Vacation in East Point

East Point is located in the state of Georgia and has a lot of culture to offer as well as great sights and interesting destinations. So if you’re planning a trip to East Point, you’ve come to the right place!

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Vacation in East Point

There are many vacation possibilities in the city of East Point, Georgia in the United States. This city is located just southwest of Atlanta and is a great place to stay if you are looking to visit the many attractions in Atlanta. However, East Point also has its own unique attractions that are worth checking out.

If you are interested in history, then you will want to make sure to visit the Confederate Cemetery. This cemetery is the final resting place for over 6,000 Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War. The cemetery is also home to the Confederate Memorial Fountain, which was built in honor of the soldiers who lost their lives.

For those who are looking for a more active vacation, East Point is home to two golf courses. The East Point Country Club and the International Country Club both offer eighteen holes of golf. In addition, there are also several tennis courts located throughout the city.

If you are looking for a place to stay while you are vacationing in East Point, there are several hotels and motels located in the city. However, if you are looking for a more unique experience, you may want to consider staying in one of the bed and breakfasts located in the city. There are also several campgrounds located in the area if you are interested in camping.

No matter what your interests are, you are sure to find something to do while you are vacationing in East Point, Georgia. This city has something to offer everyone and is a great place to visit.

Sights in East Point

Start your visit to East Point, Georgia, with a photo op beside the Giant Heart sculpture. Then explore downtown and visit Main Street, home to unique shops and restaurants. Next, head to Dick Lane Velodrome, the world’s first concrete bike racing track. Don’t miss the East Point Historical Society Museum, which chronicles the city’s past through exhibits on the Civil War, the civil rights movement, and more.

When you’re ready to get outside, East Point has plenty of green space to enjoy. Lake West Park is a great spot for a picnic, and it has a playground and walking trails. The Ronald D. Miles Sr. Memorial Parkway is perfect for a morning jog or walk, and it has scenic views of the city. For a more challenging hike, head to the Powers Island unit of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

No matter what your interests are, you’ll find something to love in East Point. From its rich history to its outdoor activities, the city has something for everyone.

History of East Point

East Point is a city in Fulton County, Georgia, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 33,712.

The city is named for the adjacent former military installation, Camp Gordon (now known as Fort Gillem), which was designated an “emergency mobilization center” by Executive Order 10896 signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on December 12, 1941. The city’s motto is “A city of opportunity.”

The area now known as East Point was settled by Native Americans who were members of the Creek Nation. In 1825, the Treaty of Indian Springs opened up the land for white settlement. East Point was founded in 1870 by John S. Campbell and Levi J.Knight, two businessmen from Atlanta. The city’s original name was “Campbellton”, after Campbell. The city changed its name to East Point in 1874 when it became the western terminus of the Atlanta & West Point Railroad. This railroad ran from Atlanta to West Point, Georgia.

In 1908, East Point was annexed by the city of Atlanta, but it retained its own city government until 1912, when it became part of Fulton County.

During World War II, many military personnel were trained at a facility known as Camp Gordon, which was located in East Point. After the war, the camp was converted into a business and industrial center, now known as Fort Gillem.

Today, East Point is a suburban city of Atlanta. It is home to a diverse population and is known for its affordable housing and convenient location. The city boasts a strong public safety record and a variety of parks and recreation facilities.

East Point is a thriving city with a rich history. It is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

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