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Vacation in Durham

Besides great sights, an interesting history and many exciting destinations, Durham has a lot more to offer. Here you will find many helpful tips to enjoy your vacation in Durham.

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Sights in Durham

Durham is a city in North East England. The city lies on the River Wear, to the west of Sunderland, south of Newcastle upon Tyne and to the north of Darlington. Durham is a historic city and was the capital of the kingdom of Northumbria. The city has a Norman cathedral and a 11thcentury castle, both of which are World Heritage Sites. Durham University, one of the top universities in the UK, is also located in the city.

The city of Durham has a rich history dating back to the 11th century when it served as the capital of the kingdom of Northumbria. The city is home to many historical sites including the Durham Cathedral, a World Heritage Site, and the 11thcentury Durham Castle. The city is also home to Durham University, one of the top universities in the UK.

The Durham Cathedral is the most iconic sight in the city. The cathedral was built between 1093 and 1133 and is one of the finest examples of Norman architecture in the UK. The cathedral is home to the Shrine of St Cuthbert, the body of which is buried in the cathedral. The cathedral is also home to the Tomb of the Venerable Bede, a 7thcentury monk and historian who is credited with being the first to write a history of England.

The Durham Castle is another iconic sight in the city. The castle was built in the 11th century and served as a royal residence. The castle is now part of Durham University and is used as accommodation for students and staff.

Other notable sights in Durham include the Palace Green, a picturesque green space in front of the cathedral, and the Durham Marketplace, the site of the city’s original market.

Durham is a historic city with a rich heritage. The city is home to many iconic sights including the Durham Cathedral, the Durham Castle, and the Palace Green. The city is also home to Durham University, one of the top universities in the UK. If you’re looking for a city with history, culture, and heritage, then Durham is the perfect place for you.

History of Durham

Durham is a historic city in North East England, in the United Kingdom. The city lies on the River Wear, to the west of Sunderland and to the north of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The city was founded in AD 995 by the monk Aldhun, Bishop of ChesterleStreet, who migrated with a group of monks from Lindisfarne, Durham’s first cathedral was built on the site of the present one. The diocese was extended to include all of County Durham, and part of Westmorland in 1083. Parts of North Yorkshire and Cumbria were later added to the diocese.

In Norman times the bishopric of Durham was much larger, comprising a large part of the North of England including the Counties of Durham, Northumberland, Cumbria (west of the Penine Mountains) and the Dales of Yorkshire. Under the Normans the Cathedral and Castle became the property of the Crown and Durham a Royal Borough.

In medieval times Durham was renowned for its fine copper. This industry declined in the late 16th century, replaced by lead mining. Durham coal was discovered in 1575, and is still mined today.

The first railway in the world was built to connect coal mines in the area with the city of StocktononTees. The Stockton and Darlington Railway opened in 1825, and was the first public passenger railway in the world.

The city of Durham grew rapidly during the 19th century, and its boundaries were extended to include Crook and Willington in 1894. The cathedral city status was granted in the 20th century.

In World War II, the city was heavily damaged by German bombing. The city centre was especially badly affected, with only the castle and cathedral surviving relatively unscathed.

Following the war, the city was rebuilt and expanded. New housing estates were built on the outskirts of the city, and the population increased dramatically.

Today Durham is a thriving city, with a historic centre and a modern university. The city is a popular tourist destination, with attractions including the castle, cathedral, and the nearby Durham Dales.

Vacation in Durham

Durham is a beautiful and historic city located in the North East of England. The city is home to Durham University, which adds to the city’s charm and lively atmosphere.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Durham, making it the perfect destination for a weekend break or longer vacation. Visitors can explore the historic castle and cathedral, stroll around the atmospheric streets, enjoy the views from the riverside, and shop for local produce at the market. There are also plenty of cafés, bars, and restaurants to discover, as well as museums and art galleries.

For those looking for a more active vacation, Durham is also a great base for exploring the surrounding countryside. The Durham Dales and the North Pennines offer plenty of opportunities for walking, cycling, and climbing, and there are also several golf courses in the area.

With so much to see and do, Durham is the perfect destination for a relaxed or actionpacked vacation.

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