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Vacation in Colchester

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Sights in Colchester

Colchester is a historic city in the county town of Essex, in the South East of England. With a population of around 104,000, it is the largest settlement in the borough of Colchester, and the principal town of Essex. The town lies on the River Colne, to the south of its confluence with the River Thames, and is about 32 miles (51 km) northeast of London.

Colchester is home to Colchester Castle, which was built in the wake of the Norman Conquest and is now open to the public as a museum. The town also has a number of other heritage attractions, including the Grade I listed Roman town walls, the medieval Jewish quarter, and the 12thcentury St Botolph’s Abbey.

Other popular tourist destinations in Colchester include the Hollytrees Museum, the Natural History Museum, and Colchester Zoo. The town is also host to a number of events throughout the year, including the Colchester Food and Drink Festival, the Colchester Oyster Feast, and the Colchester Military Tournament.

History of Colchester

Colchester has a long and varied history dating back to its founding by the Romans in AD 43. It was the first Roman town in Britain and soon became an important strategic base for the Romans as they sought to conquer the rest of the country. The town flourished during the Roman period and was even home to a large legionary barracks.

After the Roman Empire collapsed, Colchester was sacked by the Saxons in AD 446. It was then rebuilt and became an important trading town between England and Europe. In the 11th century, William the Conqueror built a castle in Colchester and the town became a royal borough.

During the medieval period, Colchester was renowned for its weaving and clothmaking industries. It was also an important centre for the study of astronomy, thanks to its observatory.

The town was badly affected by the Black Death in the mid1300s, and by the end of the century its population had halved.

The Tudor period was a golden age for Colchester. In 1573, Queen Elizabeth I visited the town and proclaimed it “the queen of Essex”. This was a period of great growth for the town, and many fine buildings were constructed, including the Guildhall and the town walls.

The English Civil War began in 1642 and Colchester was the scene of a major siege in 1648. The town was captured by the Parliamentarians after a brave defence by its Royalist garrison.

Colchester continued to prosper in the Georgian and Victorian periods, with new suburbs being built to house the growing population. The coming of the railways in the 19th century brought even more visitors and tourists to the town.

Today, Colchester is a vibrant and thriving town with a rich history and a bright future.

Vacation in Colchester

Colchester is a historic market town and the largest settlement within the borough of Colchester in the county of Essex. With a population of around 104,000, it is the 21st largest town in the UK and the third largest in Essex. The town is located on the River Colne, to the east of London and 20 miles northeast of Chelmsford. The town has been a settlement since before the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43 and was the first Roman capital in Britain. Today, Colchester is a thriving town with a vibrant cultural scene, a variety of retail and leisure options, and good transport links to London and the rest of the UK. The town is home to a number of museums and galleries, as well as a number of annual festivals and events. There are also a number of great places to eat and drink in Colchester, and the town is wellknown for its nightlife. If you’re looking for a weekend away or a longer holiday, Colchester is an excellent choice.

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