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Travel Destinations – want to get away, but don’t know where to go?

Near everybody has felt like that before when looking to plan a trip. And that is okay. While that is true, it can be exhausting to have to figure that out. Especially while keeping all the other factors in mind. Like duration of the trip, budget, weather, and season to name just the very basic factors. Maybe this article can help you narrow down your list of possible travel destinations.


Many people can leave their workplace for around 2 weeks at a time. So a trip should usually last no more than 12 days. This allows one day each for packing and going through your checklists, and for unpacking and relaxing. Since vacation is often, ironically, exhausting, you should not plan to get home late at night and go back to the office or dig at full strength just a few hours later. 

So, think about how long you can be away and subtract at least 2 days, maybe three.

Depending on the duration, your travel destinations might change

If you only have maybe 12 days for everything, a place that does not take 36 hours to get to might be a good choice. You will lose less time on the plane or train and instead get to use those hours to take in the new sights and scents!


Okay, you’re set on the duration of your trip. You’ve got 12 days to reach your destination and enjoy your vacation. But within these 12 days, you will also want to include the time it will take you to go back home. Or at least the time it takes to check out of your lodge, hotel, or vacation home.

Now, do you prefer a beachy retreat where you can just eat and relax? Or do you want to see things? Maybe get to see every spot that the travel guidebook recommends? Or do you want to experience life like the locals? Go where they go, eat where they eat?

Which of these travel types suits you best?

The easiest to schedule is naturally the beachy retreat. All that matters then is the distance from the beach to where you are going to stay.

A little less monotonous – and less easy to plan – is the “local” trip. You will not have specific spots in mind before you arrive there, so making plans is a little tough. But rest assured, you will be able to fill your days easily. Locals often love to tell you where you can get the best fish, where to pick the best fruits and how to enjoy the midday sun. You will find time to hustle and you will find time to unwind. As long as you know where you have to be on the last day, this is the most natural way of spending your time.

The most well-planned trip is, of course, the tourist schedule. You will need to think about the driving distances between different places. You might also lose a day or two simply because you need to cover a lot of ground between all your destinations. Maybe you’ll even need to book overnight stays between your destinations and plan for public transport routes and schedules. The most important thing though is: figuring out if you will be able to adhere to that schedule once you are there. A local you met on your way told you about that amazing hidden spot for stargazing? New friends have invited you to a cookout? Will you be able to adjust your schedule without feeling stressed about it? If so, perfect!

Depending on your travel type, your travel destinations might change

People that choose the first, beachy, trip will have an easier time when deciding on their travel destinations. Anywhere with sun and sand will usually work out. Some might have to consider dietary restrictions and availability. But as there are many travel destinations with beaches, they will be able to find a good spot.

The second type usually does well anywhere, so long as they have some rudimentary language skills. In some countries, English won’t help you get around. In those cases, communicating with your hands and feet will usually work for basic things, like food or asking where you can find the washroom. If you want to blend in with the people though, learning a few basic things about that language or culture will be helpful. 

As such, if you are planning this trip spontaneously without giving yourself the time to learn a new language, a travel destination where English is not too uncommon would be a good choice.

Type 3 usually enjoys destinations with a good transport service, as they will lose less time waiting for a bus, taxi, boat, or carriage. But even in countries without well-developed paved roads or pristine railways, it’s often not that hard to get around. Often, you will find lists or pamphlets with information about possible transport options in hotels, airports, or travel agencies. So you do not have to limit yourself to countries like the Netherlands or urban Japan, but Myanmar, Thailand, or Singapore can also lead to the most amazing sights and memories!


Not every country is as pleasant in every season. Japan has the Tsuyu, the rainy season. The schedule for the Tsuys even varies between the different prefectures. Generally, May to June are rather rainy and humid months in central Japan. More inviting would be the months of March and April, and the autumn months. Other countries also have seasons that might not be to your liking. Too hot, too cold, tsunami seasons, or spider or swooping season are all things you might want to consider.

Depending on what season you plan to take your vacation in, your travel destinations might change

Are you planning to go on vacation with your school-aged child? Then you should check all the remaining possible travel destinations on your list for the seasonal data. How hot does it get? How cold? Will you be able to adapt to changes in climate and temperature quickly enough to enjoy the majority of your vacation?

Of course, the human body is very adaptable, but maybe you or someone else has allergies and would not enjoy a vacation to the countryside in spring?

Check your Checklist

So, have you been able to narrow down where you want to go? If so, we are happy to have helped. If not, also not a problem. Take all the time you need so you can enjoy the best vacation of your life – every single time.

FAQ – Travel destinations

Should I choose travel destinations before I apply for vacation days?

That would be a good idea, though in some industries, it might be hard to get your requested days. So maybe have a talk with your employer before you set your whole heart on only one destination.

Do prices for one and the same travel destination change with the seasons?

Yes, they do. The term off-season is usually used to describe the times where it would be cheaper to go somewhere. This is because Hotels and similar businesses need to earn money all year long. So if you are free to go on vacation whenever, you might want to look into numbers from previous years. Those numbers can show you, when and why there were more or less tourists.

How do I know if some travel destinations that I chose are safe to go to?

That is an important question. Usually, the embassy of that country and sometimes your own embassy will have a list of countries or areas on their webpages. Those lists will indicate if a place is safe to go or what precautions (medical/cultural) you might want to take.